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  1. Pavel is a 29year old Chernarus native whom used to be a factory worker in Chernogorsk before the outbreak. He is a little gruff after surviving the initial outbreak and losing all of his friends. Since the outbreak he had lived in the woods and made several trips into the coastal towns gathering supplies and spending what time he could have fishing. He has been able to make it this far thanks to his late best friend's rifle. Pavel is a friendly man who just wants to survive. He hasn't had much interaction with others since the outbreak has taken everyone away from him, but whenever he meets someone he tries to befriend them. He isn't the best at actually making friends with his defenses up. With his defenses in place he is very hard to trust the survivors he meets but if he can learn to trust someone, Pavel will be a very reliable friend. He has been noticing that the resources in his area are starting to dwindle and he must start to explore and find a new area to keep himself alive.
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