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  1. Pavel used to work in the factories in Chernogorsk. He worked there right after graduating due to his father believing every kid needs to be on their own after graduation. This robbed Pavel of his goal of going abroad and follow his true passion of radio broadcasting. He still held onto it as a hobby, but never made anything of it. Fortunately, Pavel was never truly alone even after getting evicted from his family home. He always had his cousin Igor and his local friends. He would play with the guards at the dorms of he stayed in and would frequently take on extra work cleaning their guns. This netted him some skills he didn't expect he would need the future. Skip forward till the outbreak. Pavel and a few of his good friends were going away for a camping trip in the mountains. Just a little get away. After a week in isolation, the world they knew was gone. And so they had to adapt and overcome the new trials. Now current day, Pavel is alone and walking through the lands, looking for both his cousin, and a place to ride out the storm.
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