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  1. Wallace Eckhard Folke is an older American man born who was born in Juneau, Alaska; his middle name coming from the name of his grandfather, who was born in Munich, Germany and eventually traveled to the states by sea to explore the northern, more unexplored lands. Wallace grew up very close to nature, living in Alaska and all, and his infatuation with it began as the years went by. He studied the flora and fauna while enrolled in school, talking off any ear that was nearby whether it bored them or not. Eventually a girl by the name of Talia came into his company after they met during a Nature class of theirs in high school. Wallace finally had a mouth to talk his own ear off, as well as one that would listen to his own bickering. They grew closer and closer, spending their time together near the lake and surrounded by trees instead of in diners and listening to music. Eventually, they married at a young age, moving to live off the land in the Bristol Bay Borough on the edge of the water. They took long naps together, though him more so as he was a heavy sleeper, watched the sun set, gardened, and farmed. They stayed together for years and years, about forty-three to be exact at this point. They made money off of selling the little knick-knacks they made to represent the nature aroound them in a material form, other than the food and plants they grew and the animals they hunted; which gave Wallace a chance to get quite able-bodied at shooting. The little trinkets would include carvings of trees, ones of different animals, et cetera. They'd make trips to sell these back in Juneau every few months when they could muster to pull themselves away from the wonderful view of the mountains and the water. Using the money they had, they bought things to maintain their little hamlet with, but kept enough in their mattress to take a trip to somewhere else as beautiful as Alaska. That place was Chernarus. It was so far and foreign to him, having never left Alaska. The pictures he'd see in nature books and on the library computer back in town nearly made him lose his breath; they were stunning, they made him restless, he barely even slept, let alone as long as before. Left with a smile on his face, him and his missus booked a flight over to Chernarus and basked in the glory of the mountain ranges and the sprawling lake and tree-lines, savoring the time when the sun was just right to pierce in between the trees. They only planned to be there for half a week, but their stay was extended when the outbreak occurred as they heard the accounts of people turning rabid and attacking people during the first week. They kept to the far off trails of the land, eventually finding a small family they were able to stay with for the time being, making a makeshift bed for them in their living room, hoping all of this would blow over soon enough. But blow over it did not. The weeks went by as Wallace began to think of the possible long-term stay here in the country. He stayed in the cabin as the more able-bodied of the family went to scavenge; though Wallace wasn't exactly frail by any stretch. The food and water wasn't enough, Wallace thought; the family didn't have any sustainable source of food, they'd always go into town to get anything, even with the cabin in the woods. Wallace thought that was odd; wasn't it kind of against the point to live in the woods if you didn't live off of it? Nevertheless, he and Talia had to lend themselves to this family, soon making a moderately small food garden to feed the mouths of their group from some wild potatoes and carrots and berries they found in the surrounding land. They'd use the water from the nearest pond to drink, boiling it beforehand, though they had no way to cool it. Wallace would stay up as late as he could to listen to the calming sounds of the night, the howls of the animals, the chirping of the cicadas, but even the noise that he clung to was taken away from him when the sounds of the jet engines high in the sky and the echoes of the far off bombs began to come. He slept and ate and drank, surviving. This was a nightmare, wasn't it? He wanted to go back to his fine home he built with his wife, the town he'd grew up in, to see the faces of the shop keeps he'd see every so often. The foreboding knowledge of all that has happened made it hard to breath, like he could never fully take a deep breath, as if it was always stopped short. The next day he awoke like it was any other day. The naive chirp of the birds, not a care in the world that people are dying all over the country. The sizzle of the vegetables on the stove pan, the only thought in the groups' minds every moment of the day other than the delicious drip of water, though warm, out of their bottles. There was no conversations this morning, just like many others. They sat around in their own thoughts at the kitchen table as the mother cooked a breakfast potato. It was so flavorless at this point. They'd be eating potatoes for weeks. They'd swap each week with the choice of food. One was potatoes, the other berries, the next carrots, and repeat. It was a grueling, depression process to eat and look at the husks of the people you've been with for so long. He ate his food and went back to sleep again, wanting to escape this boring nightmare he was in. He dreamed of vast, flowery fields with grand tree lines punctuating its grand beauty, the visage of mountains in the far distance. It smelt wonderful. He could feel fresh soil underneath his feet, the petals of plants in between his fingers. A smile crept on his face as he became lost in his fantasy. He then awoke to a scream, the scream of his wife. Talia came running into his room, quickly pulling him into a hug as she nearly collapsed in his arms. He wrapped his arms around her, tiredly confused as to why she was in an emotional frenzy. She told him what she saw. She went to sleep along side him soon after he went to bed, waking up later in the afternoon, about five minutes ago. She just went outside and saw the mother and younger daughter hanging from their tied up spared clothes, suspended from a large tree branch, having hanged themselves. They must haven't had enough for all four of them, as she found the father and older son at the kitchen table, having large slices down their wrists with kitchen knives. He did his best to calm her down, the mere thought of all of this was terrifying, knowing that he had to go out and face their bodies. He told her to stay in their bed, that he'd come back soon enough for her as he took his travel bag he came to Chernarus with. Wallace made his way out to the kitchen, taking in the sight of the dead father and son at the table, then looking out to the backyard to see the mother and daughter hanging. He took a deep breath, trotting over to the kitchen sink to vomit out of disgust from the sight and smell. He averted his gaze from the bodies as he began to pack as much as he could into the pack; leftover food, water bottles, and a kitchen knife that he gripped tightly in his hand. How could they do this? Leave us behind? We knew each other, we were practically family at this point, we needed each other. And all without a damn note. He returned to his room, pulling Talia up with a hug as he comforted her with quiet words. He dressed himself, then told her to keep her eyes shut as he led her out of the house. He carefully traveled back through the house, taking in the sight of the corpses one last time as he exited with Talia. They left that place for the first time in a month. They were now on the road, looking for a new respite, but it felt like to no avail. Wallace soon learned first hand how long and how grueling the process was to be infected by these monsters. His wife was scratched across the arm by those things while passing through a village, like it was out of nowhere. He couldn't stop stabbing that damn corpse once he sunk his blade into it. He became changed. They held up in a shack on the edge of that same village as Wallace bandaged Talia up. She couldn't travel anymore, she was vomiting, she had fevers, just walking made her feel sick to the stomach. They had to rest. She couldn't stay awake for long, even when she was, she was vomiting all the time. Thank god the fainting made her quiet. Wallace was stress eating a lot of the food they had. He tried to feed some to Talia, but she couldn't keep anything down. There was a gunshot in the distance that made Wallace flinch, but he felt some odd sort of weight off his shoulders when he heard a bunch of those things running off in the same direction. She was leaking this weird black stuff from her mouth, then it started coming out of her eyes too. Her neck was getting all swollen. Talia... she was in pain, he had to put a stop to this. She isn't getting better on her own, and he can't just leave her, what if somebody finds her? What can he do? Wallace sank the blade of his knife into Talia's heart. It broke his heart to do it. It broke even more when he had to leave her there. He never took off their ring. Everyone he knew was gone at that point. Wallace was alone. He can't go back to that masterful meadow in his dreams anymore, he just sees Talia. It hurts more knowing it was his fault. He could've been more careful, couldn't he have? Now he looks for those grand views like back home. Something to take his mind away. He came to Chernarus for its beauty, afterall. Maybe he can find something to match his sweethearts beauty?
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