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  1. +1 And also, this will create an opportunity for robbers to plan some ambushes. It will definitely add some more action and RP into the game.
  2. Hey mate, the map is very cool. Hope I can meet you in-game and show you some cool places!
  3. It always told me that the password was wrong to get in the ts channel. I think you should get in the room automatically by Task Force plugin installed in TS.
  4. MaxFax

    DayZ vs Exile

    DayZ devs should untie hands of community - both of the sides win this way. However, the main objective of any game developers is to monetize their product.
  5. MaxFax

    DayZ vs Exile

    If I am not wrong, DayZ promised to launch beta this year and give some tools to the community. Let's hope they introduce some modding support and provide something similar to Arma 3 Eden editor.
  6. MaxFax

    Things you want and don't want in Exile

    Blastcore - Is a great visual mode that brings realistic explosions and smoke. Also, would like to suggest JSRS3: DragonFyre - audio mod that replaces all of the vanilla sounds with (IMHO) more realistic gunshots and explosions sounds.
  7. Hello Bianco. And welcome back. I am kinda in the same situation, had a long break and now I am back. Definitely a lot of changes. My account was removed from whitelist due to inactivity, so I had to re-apply for white list once again. However, if you done it before, it will not be hard to get whitelisted again. Best of luck!
  8. Hello guys! After a long break it's great to be a part of this community once again!
  9. MaxFax

    [SA] Show us your character!

  10. Role: Scout Forum Name: MaxFax IC Name: Max Tyler Do you have a working microphone and teamspeak? yes. 200 meters away from Myshkino, got very tired, fell asleep in the woods. Will continue my way to the town after a good rest. Got some food and drinks for those who are in need.
  11. On my way to Safe Zone. Got killed (KoSed) at balota, had some food on me and drinks was planning to bring it to safe zone but unfortunately got killed. Anyway I am coming.
  12. MaxFax

    DayZ Standalone Update 2

    Make sure your max ping is on zero if that doesn't work Zhunk made a guide here: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-how-to-find-the-dayzrp-standalone-server I tried using the guide and I had my ping set to zero and I waited about 10 minutes for each way in the guide and still couldn't find it. I found the server within 10 seconds with this :
  13. MaxFax

    Official The Elder Scrolls Thread

    I don't know if I am allowed to put links here but all who wants to try out beta stress on this weekend just go to http://www.curse.com/betas/teso-beta-key-giveaway and redeem your free beta key. Cheers