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"She's proof that you can walk through hell and still be an angel"

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  1. Willow

    S1: Invalid kill/Baiting/NVFL, Berezino - ~6 AM server time

    I'm In WP camp minding my own business around multiple people when I receive a radio call from @lunathecat(Grace) iexcuse myself away from the group to the near by trees and talk with her. She was in distress and tells me she needs help she was beaten and had a massive head injury. She got the point across that she was in berezino near a ship. I ask @WongRP if he felt like tagging along, and we were off to berezino we finally made it to @lunathecat and @William89 happen to be with her I did know he was headed down to help her before us but we did not travel together with him. I examine @lunathecat and extract information about what the situation was that happen and decided to find out for myself and I gave @Kain a radio call about @lunathecat and letting him know what I heard from Grace and the stories shes now told me and @WongRP and @William89 about. I now decide to get her to safety back at the WP camp and we end up running into @Kain alone the way. The conversation becomes heated in such a way I feel the need to step in multiple times to calm @lunathecat down so she doesn't do anything stupid she begins becoming hostile with her words I will point out she had her weapon out the entire time. Not sure why @William89 stepped in at all @Kain never threatened her life or well being he simply had the attitude of anyone would have if someone was being hostile towards them. I understood the reason behind @lunathecat being scared and worried but she did have three people who were traveling along side of her which is @WongRP @William89 and myself. It did look odd that @William89 decided to step in and push @Kain then escalated to him punching @Kain with @Kain knowingly having a gun in his hand at the time. @Kain did lift his gun to @William89 but did not have a slight chance to even speak and he was dead. I did mention during the RP that i had to //leave soon and people agreed that was okay. I was there the whole time during the incident but left and logged off shortly after. Let me know if you have any questions!
  2. Willow

    S1: Invalid kill/Baiting/NVFL, Berezino - ~6 AM server time

    I am currently at work at the time and I wont be able to post my POV till possibly tomorrow if that is a problem let me know. thanks!
  3. I was in the town Cernaya Polana when I came across @NorwayRP and another man and was asked to go on a "adventure" with me not having much to do i agreed, With the knowledge I have met them before, we go through many towns along the way and came across this particular town and it was very close to night when we see lights and obvious people ahead one of the men approach while i'm told to stay by the car with us not knowing who they are or the intentions of the people I was not able to see much considering i was behind the car. I hear shots going off and immediately run into the woods where i later found Pavel which it was day by then and was almost shot by him till he realized who i was then we continued to travel up the hill then was soon approach and I was gunned down.
  • she is a foster child that was in the system her whole life and just before the outbreak she was just starting to get her life together and make sense of it she has been going to school to be a nurse so she can help people and make something of herself , shes never had a role model which led her to make harsh life decisions and do things she did not want to do in order to survive she had experienced some horrible things in her life thus far and with the outbreak on the horizon its only about to get worse, she will be fine being alone she has her whole life but shes never been one to make good decisions which might land her in a lot of trouble along the way , She made her way to Chernarus by being transported with cartel but she did not come willingly but her life was in there hands. As Iv mentioned she had to do what she had to do to survive which means she will not stand down to these challenges shes about to encounter. Willow did not know her family and she didn't try to contact them she knew if she did the emotions would overcome her she always got along with the people she was in foster homes with she never attempted to run or get in trouble for no reason, most of her troubles in life came from secrets and mistakes shes never shared with anyone and she wont start now.
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