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  2. kalyri

    DayZRP 20.2.4

    I don't really understand why the changes were made the way they were. I've only seen a few people talk about making wolves harder to kill, but no one's said that about bears, or at least not that I've seen... and considering the only time I've run into a bear, it took a few side swipes from a truck to kill, I'm a little confused about why they were given more health and power... I do understand making it more difficult to wander the entirety of the map solo, but I don't think this was a good way to go about it. More health? Sure. But not doubling the health of both, and I don't think the extra hit power was needed, or again, maybe not to that extent. I like challenges, but this would just make travelling annoying more than anything else.
  3. where @ViperTCA gave me my new nickname -__-

  4. It's not Hutch & Friends because Vali's not here. @HDragon
  5. I lost the game.



  6. one of the highlights of last night ❤️

  7. i'm good at video games

  8. Really enjoyed the RP from everyone today: @ViperTCA and the others that were at the soup kitchen when i showed up the first time; @PhoenyxxRP, @RiZ, and @Cracka_tee when i went back later. And Jimmy Joyce, thanks for the patch up and the laughs Very enjoyable night. =P
  9. I mean right now, I’ve just got mostly food. I don’t even have a rifle or anything of that size gun wise—someone gave me a Makarov a week ago and that is what I use in emergencies. Otherwise it’s the axe or shovel on my back. Clothing wise it’s a bomber jacket and ripped jeans, and then the sling pack I found, so storage space is limited. I don’t feel like baiting a robbery so I probably won’t get a bigger gun. Punching chickens is how I survive =P or shoving an axe in a wolf’s face. That’s always fun.
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      that is terrifying xD

  11. I didn’t realize how worn out I was.  I just want an easy day tomorrow, so I can get home on time again.  

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       hope you get an easy day!!

      Here, have a smile

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  12. maybe one day i'll make character pages pretty

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