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  8. I mean it’s not everyday you’re brought into this world, but for Jess, she could have done without the drama that came with her being brought screaming into this world. She heard about year after year, “Your Grandfather took one look at you and bam!” Okay, so her family wasn’t that good about emotional things, like telling a child every year for the rest of their lives that they were responsible for the death of a beloved grandparent. Not as traumatic as say a parent, one of the two people that gave you life, but still, fairly traumatic to be blamed for something you literally had no control over. It left a mark. Sort of. Either way, her early life was shit. Her parents continued to lord this and every other little thing that went wrong for them, over her head while she was growing up. That does things to a child. And it all came to a head while she was in high school. Seventeen years old, Jess was sat at the dinner table doing the responsible thing—homework—and her parents had decided to have an argument, nothing out of the ordinary, until her mother turned the fault of the argument on Jess after her father had fled the house. The constantly berating and Jess cracked, the pen she’d been using for homework was jammed into her mother’s hand when it slammed onto the table. The rest was kind of a blur as Jess took 17 years of anger out on the canvas that was her mother’s body. And when she finished, she packed a bag, stole cash, a credit card, jewelry, and left. With the cash, that she’d stolen from the house and pulled the rest of it off the credit card at several atms, she secured passage on a cargo ship over to Europe where she fell off the map so-to-speak. Jess traveled, staying in hostels or a friend’s couch when she found friends, taking on odd jobs and eventually became a trained tattoo artist. She fell in with an unsavory bunch and gave tattoos out of the back of a van for a few years while indulging the darker side of herself with the “unsavory bunch”. When people started to act weird, some kind of infection, Jess had been in Eastern Europe. She and a few friends had managed to steal a large boat and floated around the Black Sea for a bit before a storm caused the boat to capsize and she was thrown overboard and into the water. She awoke however many days later on the shores of Chernarus and well… yeah, now she’s just trying to stay alive, living is better than the alternative after everything she’s been through, to be honest.
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  15. *forced at gunpoint Letty would push down PTT and hold the radio to her mouth with shaking hands and in a shaky voice, she'd say* I hate Wolfpack, they're a bunch of pussies who need to pay for protection because they act tough but aren't. They're all bark and no bite. *with her words said, she'd relax her finger off PTT and let the arm holding the radio fall to her side, tired and scared, pain in her body from the beating she'd taken*
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