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  1. *slightly chernarussian accented voice, sounding extremely tired as well would come over the radio* “I believe Sam was all about fighting you again, Bishop. Said you were the only one he’s lost to. Would be a good fight I think.” *theres a pause and some rustling as she sits up on the beach* ”And if he doesn’t want to fight you, I wouldn’t mind stepping into the ring with you, Balboa.” *she’d chuckle lightly as she releases PTT*
  2. holy shit i'm #3 on the play streak leaderboard o.O

  3. When we had deer isle in the past, it was an island off the coast of south Zagoria. So unless that part changes, it’s still chernarus. either way, I voted yes. As much as I enjoyed my time on Livonia, I enjoyed deer isle more.
  4. Congrats on the approval guys
  5. Learn how to take hostages and make hostile rp without dropping an initiation. It’s possible, I’ve done it a few times now with a few friends and we get good hostage rp out of it. If people want the rp then they’ll come with you without that initiation. And the scenarios can get pretty damn intense and it’s just good rp. More on the topic of this thread: if it wasn’t going to be annoying as hell to do a quick check of my bag every time I wanted to, which I do quite often, then I probably wouldn’t care if the mod was there to force me to drop my bag to access what was inside. However, considering that I’m checking my bag inventory at least once every five minutes to make sure I have what I need/want and haven’t forgotten anything, or literally anything else, it’s a no from me. I like realism but almost every argument I’ve heard or read for this mod has been based in the PVP aspect of this RP server, so I’m less inclined to vote in favor of it.
  6. thanks for the rp today guys! kind of slow in the beginning, but it picked up and i got some good rp out of today: @the Tsepovs, for their standoff with the CLF in town today, it was great to watch, and then later hear bits and pieces of the talk/argument with them at the bar. @Faebloom and @Millie with the rp with @IntenseGeek after we picked him up in olsha. @cjackson821, @Unii, @Morytania, and @Eagles for everything else today. i can't honestly remember anybody else, today feels like it dragged on forever, but thanks to everyone at the bar and around the bar, and... in @AndreyQ's case *on* the bar.
  7. i feel like i'm repeating myself over and over again, but you guys are just kind of awesome with your feedback, tbh. so thank you! i'm glad you all are enjoying your visits to the pub also, welcoming @Eesti and @DaveBreacher to the crew! let the people watching commence!
  8. I was really excited for my previous character that didn’t like guns, I’d thought I’d found a way around needing a gun but then I was sad because bows are ded. I really wanted them Dx i remember talking to alkis about it once and he referenced some ways he used to torture people with bows xP I believe one of them was shooting an arrow from a crossbow vertical through the knee and into the leg. To which I cringed and vowed never to get on Alkis’s bad side. my legs hurt now
  9. Thank you everyone for all of new feedback, glad you all are enjoying your experiences at the bar Also, welcome @LetzAllGetTipZ, to the crew! Glad to have you with us.
  10. Omg that poster is amazing xD I might have to miss the fight, but I’m still betting on Han Lee!
  11. Well, we'll use the fresh apples i find every day for his apple juice then. We've got plenty of them tbh.
  12. had a nice chill day with everyone! especially @Millie who hung out with me when everyone else ran off Dx (looking at you @Eagles and @Morytania jk i knew you guys were going to bed ) anyway, thanks guys it was a good night
  13. Oh wow that’s so awesome!
  14. Welcoming @Lord Seal to the crew! alcohol time! \o/
  15. yes pls giv mary wanna need everybody to know Eliot is the drug lord of berezino plx lets go lol
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