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  1. Since loot spawns regardless of how much of anything is stashed, don’t really see the point in a server wipe. The only thing it’ll really do is get rid of stashed guns that have had their spawn rates turned down. Better to wait for the next patch, it might fuck with something that requires a wipe anyway.
  2. I just wanna go home and play outriders.

    1. Para


      it any good?

    2. kalyri


      Idk haven’t played it yet

  3. The people that handle my dispatches don’t know how to do simple math, and this concerns me.

    1. cjackson821


      2 + 2 = fIsH

      Chicken Mocking GIF by swerk

    2. ThatGuyJacob


      I cant do simple math but my 8 year old cousin can almost do the math I need to do


  4. Can I go home yet?


    1. OwOgles


      Yes. Come home.

  5. I hope you guys stick around even as a dynamic maybe? Really enjoyed the couple of times we’ve run into each other, gonna miss the Bridgewaters
  6. Kind of wondering if anybody’s crashed a vehicle and gotten any damage at all in the last couple of days. Because the amount of times anyone at the bar has lagged into something at least in the last few days, none of the cars we had got any damage at all—and neither did the people inside. Outside of the BMWs of course, they’ve always been tanky fuckers.
  7. Some finally did it.  They took off part of my front end.  I no longer have a right headlight in my work truck—and they tried to take the front tire with them \o/

    1. DrMax


      Did you shoot them? 

    2. kalyri


      I would... but there’s a cop right here.  I’m told they don’t like that kind of thing.

    3. DrMax


      Cops are bad, just do police work on your own. 

  8. I’d be for them receiving damage on big crashes, but they’re not even doing that atm. 80 down a highway and I desync into a pole on the side of the road and I don’t even get knocked out anymore. although I am enjoying being able to go faster again without the threat of lag killing me or the car... it is still annoying that cars are basically not in the loot cycle atm. and it’s not just the BMWs, I hit a pole in a sarka the other night. It’s all the cars atm. I haven’t driven a BMW since they were re-added since the bar doesn’t have one xP
  9. My right hip has been killing me for almost a week now.  I just want it to stop D;

    1. UniiLR


      smack it, surely if you hurt it more then it cancels out the original hurt right 😊

    2. kalyri


      If only that worked 😭

    3. Panda


      well just tell it to stop hurting 4head

    4. kalyri


      It’s not listening 😭😭😭

  10. Although my time in the CLF was brief, I enjoyed it. Sad I couldn’t get more RP from you guys after I left—sadly real life gets in the way a lot.
  11. At the start of the lore, eastern weapons were the majority on the server because of the fact Western militaries weren’t sent to help Chernarus against Russia. I remember only seeing maybe one or two M4s and that was about it, once the Squad weapons were taken out. Then more started showed up—this was around the time POV, a western-based PMC started fucking shit up more and more, so obviously they were using western weapons—don’t know if anything was actually changed significantly loot-wise, or if I just started to notice more and more of the western weapons. Who knows.
  12. According to the announcement thread for season 3, they’re already going to up the amount of helis.
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