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  1. The last time we had it, it was great. And you could still steal them via lock pick so it’s balanced.
  2. You ever feel like running a mile and sleeping for 10 hours at the same time?  Cuz thats me rn


    pls send help

  3. 🙃

    1. UniiLR



  4. slept for 10 hours in my own bed for once, and i've still been tired af all day

    1. BeanMama


      yo I slept 10 hours toooooo

  5. new entry, not a very good one, but it's there
  6. When you ask for my help with a group:


    and i definitely take it seriously


    1. Pepsi


      Season 2 Crying GIF by The Office

  7. literally first day of new lore w/ @groovy blisna and end of last lore, w/ @cjackson821 and @FaeLR
  8. If this for approved groups like the prefab requirements already are, then it could be nice. Sometimes groups don’t get to ten, or don’t stay at ten, but they shouldn’t be blocked from making the prefabs.
  9. Everyone around me would crash or lag when I drove one or got into one. Please remove, kthx
  10. 1024px-Patates.jpg

    1. kalyri



    2. Millicent


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  11. Some small updates.

  12. i'd like moredoors back just to have the option of doors without taking away base building. gates are a pain in the ass to put inside buildings. just don't remove base building. i'd rather not have that argument rehashed.
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