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  1. I don't understand people anymore.


    1. Eagles


      People do be kinda petty 


    2. Mason


      Guys this isn’t very positive. The just @ the person you’re talking about or else move on. 


    3. kalyri


      Alright, @ transphobes, can you just not?  Did that work?

      How about @ the lady who got mad at me last night because i wouldn't take the trailer that wasn't my company's?--not exactly anything I can do about that one, she wanted me to take  JB Hunt container, and I don't work for JB Hunt, so there's no talking about that one.

      Ooo, or how about @ my dispatcher for not calling me back and then not answering his phone so I could talk to him?--kind of negates the whole "talk about it or move on" don'tcha think?

      OH!  And how about @ my former best friend, who's decided he's going to gaslight and abuse his ex-wife into trying to give him the kids under the guise of "it'll give you a break from there for a year" because he's too lazy to actually adhere to the visitation agreement they wrote out and got approved by the court when they finally divorced and come pick up and spend the weekend with your daughter twice a month instead of blaming your ex-wife for your lack of effort to come see her.

      I think that covers all the people I'm angry at today.

    4. Whitename


      what’s up everybody

    5. Reeves


      damn you getting cyberbullied sorry

    6. Kono


      we stan kalyri



    7. Eagle



  2. People complain about the rule, but they also complain when everyone is quiet around them because everyone’s talking in discord—having the rule means people are more likely to speak in game, especially if they’re passing around in character info. -1. Metagaming is already a problem, getting rid of the double mic rule will just cause more issues, imo.
  3. Add the tires to the loot pool, don’t add it to AOGM, because it’s really not. Hell, maybe make it so you can only carry tires in the biggest bags available, or not in bags at all. Idk.
  4. While I don’t want a cooldown just because I have run into a problem in the past where I can’t play the character I want at a certain time—plus the loads of people playing lore characters it just adds more steps to switching characters—if this whole alt swapping thing is becoming a problem, then I’d agree that a cooldown needs to go back into effect. I’d prefer a lower end cooldown, like 4-12 hours or something, max 24.
  5. i have so many dice rn and it makes me happy

    1. Kono
    2. Zanaan


      You say that, but what happens when a Bad Dice enters the bunch and corrupts them?


    3. kalyri


      I have a feeling my players won't mind that my dice are cursed...

  6. Home sounds good right about now… wonder when I’ll be there again.  -__-

  7. I don't see why something like requiring one character per person needs to be implemented. You're going to needlessly restrict those that play. Someone like me, who has the attention span of a squirrel some days, can't just play one character--they need variety. I had quite a few characters I roleplayed in the last year and a half alternatingly. I grow bored easily with one character and one play style, so I switch it up if I'm not getting the enjoyment I want out of a particular character. Having a cooldown also... it seems like a hassle to have, because then you've got people that aren't staff that are switching between characters constantly with Lore Characters and Event Characters, so then cooldowns have to be reset. While it seems good in theory--it also wouldn't really solve the "problem". Which I don't really see as a problem? I'd switch characters too, if I wanted to have a nice day of amicable roleplay before delving into something that could be emotionally heavy and could quite possibly exhaust me by the end of any potential hostile encounter. And then do the potentially emotionally heavy hostile encounter on a different day. I'm still one of those people that are firmly against restricting play styles that don't actually hurt anybody, so it's going to stay a -1 for me.
  8. *a voice not heard by anyone in awhile comes on the radio* ”Dunno who VK is, but I think you misheard who I’m guessing is the governor? He said he wouldn’t be supplying another enemy—meaning you. If you continue to wax poetic about being aggressive towards common civilians who probably don’t have enough to spare for the war and also survive themselves. Perhaps do as the man suggested? Only been out of range for a few months and everything seems to have gotten worse. What the fuck…” *Marquita let’s go of her push to talk and keeps doing what she was doing*
  9. Loved my time in this group. Solid role players. Good storylines. Physically being forced into drug abuse was fun! Eagerly awaiting the day this comes back
  10. Congrats on the approval, boys! I know you guys worked for it. Enjoy it. See ya in game maybe o/
  11. The only thing I think should change about it, is that I think you need to initiate on the place you’re raiding, if you’re going to break walls. Or the act of breaking the walls is hostile and anyone inside can shoot on sight. Not anyone logging in, anyone physically inside the base while it is being broken into. otherwise? No. I may not like how “offline” raid happy members of the community are, but I also don’t agree with shutting it down behind regulations that would essentially cut it off entirely. Because, regardless of what people think, not all raiders are there for gear—some of them? Yeah, I’m not delusional, but not all. There’s a rush in the threat of getting caught, or even just a nice feeling when you’re able to get in and see what’s inside, etc. it’s not a gear grab with little RP. There’s RP, just not always with the owner of the base being raided.
  12. if this is the same mod i think it is, i'd look into crashes that happen when somebody gets on the bike with something in their hands. otherwise, yes pls. me like bike. +1
  13. Grab two sticks and rope—you’ll get the option for a single or a double door kit. Depending on the doorway, most people use the single. place it down like you would a fence kit. grab two logs and a shovel. Stick the logs in the placed kit, find the sweet spot for the shove—usually standing where you were when you put the kit down—and dig the posts in like you would a vanilla fence kit. grab planks, nails, wire, hammer, and pliers. Put it all in the door. Using the hammer first, build the frame. Now for whatever reason, I couldn’t build the panels before the hinges, so this is where you take your pliers and it should give you the option to build hinges. Then once that’s done, finish with the panels. Now if you want a metal door, you’ll need metal plates or whatever they’re called. And instead of panels, it’ll give you an option to add metal panels. With the double doors, it’s been awhile, but I think you either build each door separate or it’s twice the amount of materials. I can’t remember exactly.
  14. That sounds like the normal amount of bullets needed for vanilla walls. Could be wrong though, it’s been awhile since I’ve shot something down.
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