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  1. I also can't wait, I came as soon as I heard the radio transmission Yay!
  2. The best RPer I have met so far would have to be Mace while I was at the outpost. He is just great at what he does.
  3. Same as you two, I really love the player interaction found on DayzRP. I like how you can't just kill people without initiating a interaction first. It just seems like DayzRP is a great place to be if you enjoy good role playing and not having KOS stop you from interaction with people.
  4. Yay Kut Can't wait to play along side such a noble and Bosporus Human such as yourself
  5. Thanks guy I really appreciate and I can wait until application hopefully is accepted.Also thanks for that tip about the rules
  6. Hey guys! Just wanted to say hello to the great community that surrounds this server. If you have any tips or tricks let me know thanks