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  1. before the outbreak I was in the army I was part of a N.A.T.O Force (American)when I heard about some sort of virus going around I was still at my NWAF the army base that I was staioned at me and my unit where told to be called in if things got out of control and boy did they go south real fast after people started doing staring riots because no one knew what was going on and the police where shotting people and not everyone knew that they where already dead so people got real crazy then after the riots started happning the lights started to go out across the whole worold and then that's when the army was called in and me and my men where deployed to help set up check point across the state and check people coming by and eventually we set up little makeshift military compunds just like we ran them for awhile and then things started getting crazy it was to much for us to handle after 3-4 weeks we where ordered that we where being pulled out of the safe zones and refugees camps and that we where not evacuating anymore people so the government ordred us all military personel to leave and I mean we where the only one to leave not the civilians or survivors once we where pulled out all 3 cities would be fire bombed (napalm) by jets this was CODENAME OPERATION COBALT whitch was is the name given to the plan devised by the Military in order to contain the spread of the infection Operation Cobalt also contains a contingency plan should the military lose control of the situation once the government lost control and communications went down and once I took what I could and I ran with my friend from the army who was in my unit that was a mechanic and we we grabbed our rifles and some of our gear and we took one of the army jeeps and got away we sall a lot of civillians die and we also sall some of our own friends and people for or unit and other units die to the infected when me and my friend hear the screams we where shocked and knew that this was pretty much the end of the world me and him
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