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  1. EleniV

    S1: BadRP/Trolling - 2019-06-20 to 2019-06-21

    a ghille man was going through peoples houses and they kept warning him not to do it and phoenyxx was so nice he knew his not going to get in trouble so he kept going thru everyone bases intel that had enough so they pointed guns at him then told him to fuck off then they walked him off the town after i don't know what happened
  2. characters name is Eleni hammerlockshe is 26 years old she is an ex-doctor in the military she had an accident put her in a coma for 3 days she wakes up and shes in cheranrus city's abandoned and in ruins now her mission is to find out what happened and if can she find the people she knows and most importantly survive she will explore her way and will see her past in ruins in front of her and she will push she may have not the best physically but she could be the best mentally and her code is ( pain is temporary honor is forever ) she can't give pain but she can take it and will take it in this harsh world is woke up in and she will use her skills from the past to deal with her current trouble and she is very charismatic and she knows how to talk her way out of trouble will she survive the is world will she be shocked and she see what happend whiles she was gone will she ever find her friends and family and if she can't find them or worse what if she find them but it not them anymore will she do the right choice and will she find or make a new family and friends
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