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  1. devstatnglydank

    Server wipe

    I was mainly annoyed that I lost my ponchos so I voted no. I didn't see that I could purchase them on the item shop. So now I don't mind the reset lol
  2. devstatnglydank


    @RoCKiE damn I guess I need to make a new character to play on S2. I don't want my story line to conflict between different servers. I've had zero luck on finding a cave on S1. I'm not gonna give up. Unless they aren't actually there and I am on a mission that will only end in disappointment lol
  3. devstatnglydank


    Dude I am so jealous I have attempted to search for some caves and haven't had any luck. Is this S1 or S2?
  4. @Anouk fun RPing with you, will have to RP some more in the future @ImNovaaaFun running around with you again. getting ourselves into some more trouble for sure lol
  5. I have talked to some of the people involved and I am going to close the report. Misidentify'd us as someone else. Still doesn't justify not double checking who it was. but we have also came to a conclusion about how to resolve what had happened.
  6. Server and location:S1 Vybor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): About: 2019-09-01, 20:10 Your in game name: Daryl Thomas Names of allies involved: Billy Benton( @xxxDynastyWolf ) Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any):none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): none Billy Benton and I just got done doing some RP with a couple of people. one of whom was severely injured and the other seemed to be alright and taking care of her. We were talking with them about there person they were trying to reach. we didn't have any information to give them so we said our goodbyes and i left some morphine for the injured woman. Billy and I were just walking down the street. no weapons out and going out to find some more player interactions. I heard some silenced gunshots I turn around i see billy fall to the ground and then i was KOS'd There was never any initiation just straight up shot and killed. I hadn't been on for a few days and Billy hadn't been on for over a week. so there is nothing that we could have done for someone to have kill rights on us. the people we were talking to were part of the Red Mountain Radio or something along those lines. I'm not sure who killed us but there was no Kill Rights on us for anything whatsoever. I would like to see kill logs for both @xxxDynastyWolf and I. Want to know how far away the shots were and why we were the target. If whoever did this would have rp'd the situation out more I wouldn't have had the need to write a report. But we both lost our stuff and had to start fresh because someone decided it was a good idea to shoot us. I wouldn't have cared about losing my stuff if it was in a good RP scenario but there wasn't any.
  7. devstatnglydank

    Attempted KOS/KOS Kabinino

    i left the kab compound to go to the orchard to get apples was running low on food. i then left the kab area and went towards stary. went around the north side of kab and met up yakone. continued on and went into the woods and met up with chris and alex/levi. at that time we heard a lot of gunfire and assumed they had been initiated on. we moved through the tree line and i saw a few people running into the woods. went over the road. I may have looked through my scope to check out armband colors but never shot at anybody. saw some people that weren't who i was with. chris and i ducked behind a small cobblestone wall and we began to have shots fired at us. i ran from the wall towards a field to lay down where i had planned on taking out my range finder to get a better view of the enemy location. before i was able to do so. i was shot and killed. i was never initiated on and told to put my hands up.
  8. I had just gotten back to black lake after being lost in the woods. I dropped a back pack on the ground to show,. which i thought was one of my guys, all the meat i had collected. He asked who i was and realized he wasn't one of the people i was running with. the guys i ran with came out of the pub. we talked with the person who was there asking questions about us. i walked away for a moment out of hearing distance to say over radio to dynasty that i needed to talk to him. we agreed that our stash house was compromised and we should hold him up. I walked back with dynasty. the man was starting to leave. I told him to come back so we could "give him food" and he said he was alright. So dynasty and i ran over to him. I told him to put his fucking hands up and then I was dead. I have know issues here or any complaints.
  9. devstatnglydank

    Meta Gaming/Waking up group members via Discord chat.

    My pov(Daryl Thomas) i was on the hill to the south of polana. with the character named yak horn we heard over radio from chris iris that luca was talking with him. soon after that i ran down into the town to lock some doors as a diversion. and while i was doing that i heard yak say there was an unknown person not from the group of people i was with. so i turned and went back up the hill. saw the person going down the hill with his gun drawn. i ran back up the hill. ran back up met with yak then we started to retreat back up the hill. during that time i was scanning the open area closer to the road parallel to polana. and there were 2 or 3 people running towards the town and we continued running up the hill a short ways. turned around again to check behind me. then turned back around and in a bush in my vision a person just happened to be there. yak and i continued to the construction site. where we held up. i placed a landmine down as a defensive tactic. went up stairs. i told yak to pop off some shots with an mp7 to get the enemies attention. a few moments later there were 3 or 4 people coming over the hill yak and i started taking shots. I did with an m4 and yak with a kar98. i may or may not have hit anybody. but i heard yak call out he had downed one. i saw them retreat up the hill and then i was killed.
  10. Daryl Thomas grew up in Lawrence, KS he was a very bright young boy with a lot of friends. He always imagined being a secret agent when when he used to play with his friends, sadly that all changed. When he was 9 years old his mother and father were killed in a horrific car accident on their way home from a movie. This tragic event changed Daryl forever. The only thing he kept from his home after his parents had passed away were some old James Bond movies and a picture of him and his parents. He became very quiet and would keep to himself. He was put in foster care bouncing around all across the united states. No families wanted him because he was as very depressed child with a lot of sadness in his eyes. He never wanted to get close to anybody again in fear that he would lose them. He always imagined being a secret agent when when he used to play with his friends. As he grew older he was always looking out for himself never trusting anybody. When he turned 17 he stole 5,000 dollars out of a safe from his foster parents, taking with him the photo and his movies and head to New York City. He got a job at a gas station and a lived in a tiny studio apartment in a very bad part of town. He worked a lot and saved up a bunch of money to put himself through the police academy. He graduated at the top of his class. When he was 25 he got a job at the CIA as an intelligence analyst. 10 months later he was put in the field. He was sent Eastern Europe to find intelligence on a nuclear physicist who went by the code name Raiden whom had ties with Russian military. He was trained to collect information what ever way possible, including waterboarding, electrocution, electric and hand tools, and any other way he see fit. It took him over a year and a half to find Raiden. Who was located in Russia close to the border of Chernarus. He attempted to kill Raiden but he was kidnapped and tortured for information. He was held for a long time on a cargo ship in a shipping container being tortured day in and day out. He finally escaped his captors after a year of being beaten. He tried contacting his handler and there was never any response. He turned the cargo ship back towards land in hope that he could find a way to make contact. When he got closer to Chernarus he heard over a radio broadcast that their was a viral outbreak across the globe. He made his way to land to see what the outbreak was. He has been surviving in a shipping container he found that had washed up on shore.
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