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  1. Tony was raised from a family filled with veterans, valor, and courage. He is a blood relative from the one and only Ulysses S. Grant. Because of his family's history and political power, right out of high school he joined the military and climbed the ranks quickly. He showed his true colors in battle in Somalia during 'Operation Restore Hope' in '92. He was hand-picked to be involved into the elite Marine Special Operations Support Group in '96. In 1997, MSOSG sent an elite team in Bosnia under 'Operation Deliberate Force' to terminate select officials of the Bosnian Serb Army. Pike and his team (whom was under his command) were airdropped south of Srebrenica. Somehow, the Serbs knew of their exact insertion grid and were waiting for them, most likely due to a worm back in the states. Pike and his men were under arrest, but two of them resisted and were executed at the spot. Tony and his remaining men were sent to a prison labor camp, and were tortured, beaten, starved, and neglected. Months passed, and the other prisoners began to riot. Shots were fired and exchanged, fires roared, and bricks crumbled. Pike managed to escape the madness, and survived alone in the wilderness for weeks until reaching the Cherno-Russian border. He finally reached civilization, and managed to work for a farmer south of Stary Sobor for a place to live and for food. To to heavy Communist influences is the region, he was unable to escape and lived in Chernarus for a few years, until something terrible awakes. These rotting beings appeared one night and infected most of his friends and the populace of Chernarus. For now he roams the wastes of civilization tattooed with the scars he earned in a Bosnian labor camp