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  1. *Laine presses the PTT button on his radio, having been listening to it for some time since the initial transmission by the woman. He speaks with a monotonous tone and a Chernarussian accent.* "Dobry den. Good idea to keep this frequency open for bartering, anything to keep the people of Chernarus connected in these uncertain times is important." *There is a brief pause.* "I have a .308 rifle complete with a scope and some rounds I am willing to barter with anyone interested. I am in the market for a few boxes of .357 rounds and a sharpening stone in exchange, but I'll also be satisfied to sell it for the rounds only. Get back to me on this frequency if you are interested, prozatím sbohem." *Laine clips the radio back onto the strap of his backpack and leaves it on the frequency as he continues whatever he's doing.*
  2. *Laine holds the PTT button on his radio, clearing his throat before he speaks. He has a monotonous voice with a Chernarussian accent.* "If you haven't found what you're looking for, and haven't been... discouraged, I have a .308 rifle that will fare, including some rounds. I'd be willing to trade for some inexpensive supplies if you're interested." *Laine releases the PTT button, clipping the radio to his backpack as he carries on with whatever he's doing.*
  3. I must have walked for months, through the trees. Wallowing in the life I had been forced to leave behind, the people I would never see again, the life I would have to adapt to. And I could only ask, could I have changed the outcome? Could I have saved my father if I had chosen not to follow his words... could I have saved my family if I had not followed the inherited path. I realized that none of that mattered, nor did it ever really matter in the first place. As I walked through the trees for many days I began to drop the weight I had carried for so many years. What I had done, who I was, my resentments.. my regrets, none of that mattered unless I chose to cling on to it. And doing that would likely only kill me faster. "Stay in the woods, and don't leave until you know you are ready, leave everything you thought you knew behind." He told me. And that is what I did. Death did not mean anything anymore but relief from the wretchedness of this new reality. When I finally emerged from the trees, I left who I was behind. I was cleansed.
  4. IGN: Dahl Proctor Country: Canada Language skills: Fluent in English DayZ Mod Experience: None DayZ Standalone Experience: Roughly 300 hours of experience, mainly on DayZRP and DUG. Roleplaying Experience: 10-ish years of experience in both game RPs and text RPs. Hosted my own roleplays in the past. What kind of In Game role best describes you: Under-the-radar, no drama no bullshit, prefer to work alone. I like doing tasks that involve exploring or trekking such as recon / scouting, being a messenger, and fetching / delivering things. While I don't like high-priority roles I have no trouble with hostile / PvP oriented roles. Have you been in any clan/group previously: Have been rolling as a lone wolf since day 1. Prefer it that way, but I'm looking to change that. Additional notes: While I've wandered DayZRP as a recluse and more of an onlooker I've been looking to get more involved in the community and put my mark down somewhere. Best way to contact you: Discord, Trooper #1005 Backstory: See active character.
  5. He holds down the PTT. The crunching sound of gravel between his feet is heard starkly over his voice as he walks. Still whispering, his voice is hoarser this time. "If you're still on this channel, I'll be cycling through channels as much as I can until I find the frequency you're on." (Discord: Trooper #1005) He releases the PTT button, continuing to walk while also now cycling through frequencies, waiting in 30 second intervals on each frequency.
  6. Sorting through his ruck sitting against a window-sill in the middle of the night, the faint sizzling of food in his camping stove next to him, he's spent the past few minutes flicking through channels on his transceiver. He stops on a channel. He clears his throat, takes a deep breath in and out, and holds down the PTT button. Speaking with a soft, toneless whisper, his voice is almost indifferentiated from background static, making it easy to miss. "... Uh, good evening, whoever is out there, and happens to hear this." He pauses for a moment, somewhat disturbed by the sound of his "speaking voice", something he hasn't used in a while. "If anyone needs a courier of the sorts, get back to me on this channel." He releases the PTT button, sighing and resting his head back against the wall, setting the transceiver down beside him.
  7. **Konrad's radio sat next to him as he sharpened his buck knife. He sighs, and picks up his radio, pressing down the PTT.** **He speaks in fluent Chernarussian Tongue, but has a subtle English accent.** "Americans and Westerners aren't people I'd be afraid of in South Zagoria. There's other types of people who have worse intentions.. and they didn't come from overseas, they're right next door. Chernaruski or American, doesn't establish who is good and bad in these parts." **He releases the PTT button and sets his radio down, sitting back infront of his campfire.**
  8. **Overlooking a clearing, he shakes his head and curses under his breath at the reply. He hesitates for a moment, before pressing the PTT button.** "Got it, stay safe out there." **He releases the PTT button, grabbing his rifle and continuing his hike.**
  9. **Now receeding into the woods, he adjusts his sling to his rifle and grabs his radio again, pressing the PTT button.** "Russians and Muslims, huh. Been through this neck of the woods for a day and shit's already gone awry." **He releases the PTT for a moment, looking back towards Berezino. He looks back up the hill he's heading up and speaks through the radio again.** "Do you need help? I'm no medic, but I have bandages and a blood bag. I'm O+." **He clips the radio back to his pack and keeps hiking it.**
  10. **Watching from the woods outside Berezino with a rangefinder, Konrad grabs his radio from his belt and presses the PTT. There is sporadic gunfire almost immediately in the background of his transmission.** "Any idea what is going on down there, and if it involves the CDF?" **He releases the PTT, and continues to watch the hospital through his rangefinder.**
  11. **Sitting in a hunting stall with a cigarette, Vadim neatly organizes the contents of his tortilla bag, several cans of food sitting neatly organized infront of him. He looks at them silently for a moment before grabbing his radio from his vest, pressing the PTT button.** **He speaks with a raspy voice, with a subtle Chernarussian accent.** "Good evening. If you are still on this channel, I have extra canned goods that I do not need. If you are still in or around Krasnostav, I can drop by and donate them to you." **He releases the PTT and slips the radio back into his vest, pensive as to what he just said silently for a moment, before he goes back to doing inventory.**
  12. Trooper


    Thanks! Hope to encounter you folks eventually.
  13. Trooper


    Appreciate it. Good to know text RP is an option, thanks!
  14. Trooper


    Hey there. Been playing for a little bit now, so far it has been a lonely, isolated experience but that only makes me more stoked to meet you folks ingame, whether it be being robbed by bandits, chased by an axe wielding maniac, any press is good press in my opinion. I'm fairly new to DayZ, and this server has really given me the chance to figure out the game's quirks and mechanics because I haven't been killed on sight. It's nice to have a good head start. Just a question. I can't really use my mic that often because: I don't have a functioning mic (I have one, but it requires me to bluetooth through my phone as my laptop's output hardware isn't working for some reason. Hard to explain but I doubt I'm the only one.) I live in a single bedroom apartment with a roommate. Needless to say, I don't want to be a bother talking all the time. You know how it is. Is there any pet peeve against relatively quiet characters on this server? I understand it is harder to make intentions clear without full dialogue as having clear intentions is absolutely necessary to engage, but I could make it work. Thanks, hope to catch you folks on the flip side.
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