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  1. Server and location: s1, VMC Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2.26.16 around 21:00 servertime Your in game name: Krystof Sudek Names of allies involved: Rhys Chambers Name of suspect/s: Yuri Petrovski, Vasili Gorski Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): just irrelevant screenshots of their names and action of tying us up. Detailed description of the events: So me and Rhys were travellign together from kabanino, went through Vybor just chatting to eachother until we decide to move towards VMC together, upon arrival we do not see anyone. we enter the new barrack when the door is shut behind us,an initiation is dropped, we both comply and throughout the rest we are basiclly told to keep our mouths shut or we'll die i try to drag out some RP despite the threat but get little to no responce, they rummage through my belongings taking anything military ish and tell us, well we tied you up with rope so yo ushould get out eventually, follow us and we'll kill you and then they pegged it.
  2. Pebbles

    Zelenogorsk, The Capital of New Chernarus

  3. i regret putting up the report, i couldn't close it because i have been sick. plz unban, im sure it was just a prank, just a prank bro
  4. how would you dare to throw such accusations? i have multiple witnesses ( didnt get their names though)
  5. don't have any video evidence, was hoping screenshots would be sufficient enough
  6. would also like to add hacking to this as i went back and its gone now
  7. Server and location: RP1, Zelenogorsk Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 02/17/2016 around 14:45 Your in game name: Krystof Sudek Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: christmas tree Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: well i log into zelenogorsk, move around to see if there is people around and i encounter this....
  8. *Krystof presses in his transmission button* So this is radio frequency filled with stupid jokes ah? well here is joke for you, why did the foreigner cross the road? to get the fuck to russia! *releases the button*
  9. Pebbles

    The Wolves

    Pebbles lives on in spirit in all of you <3 kind of miss passing about with you scrubs <3
  10. Pebbles

    Cerna Liska[Closed for Good, Thank you uSx, Andrei, and Emile. Loves you All]

    perhaps after two years it might finally happen
  11. Pebbles

    Cerna Liska[Closed for Good, Thank you uSx, Andrei, and Emile. Loves you All]

    thanking you for letting me slither my way in you will be the first :troll:
  12. i hope you liked my cheapshot after the fistfight in zeleno last weekend thanks for not snitching
  13. Pebbles

    Cerna Liska[Closed for Good, Thank you uSx, Andrei, and Emile. Loves you All]

    basically how Cerna Liska was last night, thanks for the RP
  14. Pebbles

    leaving staff <3

    scrub <3 now you have more time to spend with me :troll:
  15. We met once long ago, sometimes last year can't remember exactly when but i remember meeting you and a lot of other people from the trust jesus Hljott, such OOC hat reporting you to rolle :troll:
  16. [mp3]http://puu.sh/mEA6S/663998db31.mp3 [/mp3] listen and read as it goes. The shots breaks the eerie silence of what was thought of as being a finished gunfight. First one. Then another before a huge barrage of gunshots fill the air like a mad drummers solo, Before it once more falls into silence, But this silence is different. I am looking down. But the only thing i see is a shadow running away in the sunrise, shouting something as he leaves. the only thing that is left is the bloodied grass, and a body. it's mine. i am laying down there, gushing blood, twitching every now and then. A horrible chill shoots through me, as i it finally hits me. I'm dying. I am finally released by the sweet gift that is death. It has finally called in its Debt, finally wanting its borrowed time back. The noise from the radio is getting fainter and fainter. shadows starts to gather around the body. unable to see what they are doing, not hearing what they are saying moving around like it's a puppeteer show. I look away from the crowd and i am met by a friendly face. smiling as the sun is bright. It's Milana, behind her there is a mixture of old friends and family, long gone, Rasper gently tipping his flat cap and gives me one of his usually ugly smiles. She reaches out to me, wanting me to grab her hand as she nods towards the rest. her gentle, innocent smile, and her sparkly eyes. I look behind me one last time, more shadows have gathered around. moving around. I look forward again, grab her hand and before the first step is taken. Darkness.
  17. Pebbles

    The Wolves

    I try my best, but the nights are getting quite cold and lonely........ #plzrememberpoorpebbles Perhaps we meet again, somewhere along the road again, time will show. <3
  18. Pebbles

    Message of warning (open frequency)

    *A somewhat annoyed yawn can be heard through the radio* Well i guess i can put my say in this, names Joe i'm sure they remember me sure, we weren't the best of manners but we had his and the colony's best interest in mind, in case that your man stirred up shit he could be taken for being the colony and causing shite to them and what if an enemy of the colony was to see him, surely they would try to capture him. we were never the once to aim guns we weren't the one flipping the others of but hey i mean i'm alive so the way i see it keep that armband on yourself we tried and you simply ignored us, so suit yourself the troubles to come are your and yours alone, but never the less i wish you good luck. *another yawn comes through before the radio static continues*
  19. Pebbles

    The Wolves

    Congratulations to Mary G. Archer for taking the power of the family and have now complete dictatorship <3 And congratulations to Mason Held for being now one of Mary's slaves And good luck to Pebbles for working with Noah! You will need it. you'd best behave otherwise things could get ugly <3
  20. Not even yourself? Yeah not even yourself, sorry should've clarified more. Meaning you have to be in first person. My picture has a zombie in it so that ain't no person
  21. Pebbles

    The Wolves' Meeting [Private Frequency]

    * humming silence is disrupted by a short sigh before Joe's voice breaks through with a sad and cold tone* I won't promise anything before I hear a date and time but I'll try I believe there are a few things that has been waiting for to long.
  22. Pebbles

    The Pact [Recruitment Open]

    "huston we have a problem" best of luck i shall also reserve this very slot for some kinky feedback
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