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  1. Alright so Bobby unmutes on TS and says he might get into trouble, me being in the area log in before things go down and position myself just in case. They initiate and shots fly were bobby ends up being gunned down imidiatlly the fight goes on for some time before i miss ID Clyde (we talked ths out on TS) i am then eventually dinked and go unconscious, dying half a minute later.

  2. i would like to point out that the logs from earlier involving me is from a different incident that we had earlier in kabanino.

    in regards of the reported incident i fired ocne throughout the the fight, not hitting anyone. if you stil want my POV then i will post it.

  3. I was heading back to Kab from stary when I was informed of the robbery and told to head back to stary and hide in a building to intercept them. I went in the green building and was told to re-initiate even though we had KoS rights. When I said "all on the ground now" I was in the window watching what was going to happen. A few seconds went by and shots were fired because no one was on the ground, with that size group we couldn't wait too long. As the logs show the first shot that I took towards a player was 10 minutes after the text initiation. Which I did verbally warn them not to come up the stairs or be fired upon. A smoke grenade was thrown the door opened and I sprayed a mag from my ak into the smoke, reloaded and he ran in I then sprayed him again which is when we trade killed.

    in that whole situation there was a total of four of you correct? seeing as you were all in dynamic were you within five hundered meters when the situation in Kabanino started? also who were the two in the red building?

  4. Server and location: S4 Stary

    Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 04-07-2016 00:25

    Your in game name: Krystof Sudek

    Names of allies involved: Akrasia

    Name of suspect/s: Logs will show

    Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

    Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Possible video

    Detailed description of the events:

    So we were running through Stary and someone drops a text initiation of "on the ground now" and instantly starts opening fire on the group after about 3 seconds. 

  5. [video=youtube]

    can get it in more detail but its the short version, going to work.

    He initiated initiated *gunshots* not even enough time for hands to go up for anything the guy still had his gun out so we shot him

    as you may clearly see in the other video his hands are up, my connection isn't the best, but regardless he didnt have a gun out and didn\t pose as a threat for your well being

  6. Rip rip. Krystof is over soon.

    pffft you know how i work, i dont die easily just like every other snake :troll:

    Yea, you slither away before we can cut off the head :D

    you are always welcoem to try again but this time we'll see who shoots first <3

  7. [align=left]It all happened so fast, first one, then the other. I aimed my pistol onto Emile as he continously struck Xaver in the head with a crowbar, bratr against bratr.... is this how it all ends?

    [align=left]"Emile stop!", "Emile, Stop or i will shoot" Jackobus had his gun trained on me already, but i closed my eyes and squeezed the trigger.... once, twice and then a third time....

    [align=left]Xaver was already a bloody mess, Emile Buckled over him, god, b-b-blood was coming from his head.... he didnt move... i Paniced.... i ran, i ran and i ran... not before i had passed Mogilevka the feeling of guilt and sorrow washed over me like a tidal wave.. what had i done? i had killed a bratr, in order to save another but, i had failed.... Xaver, and Emile were the two taht was with me when i killed my "first" Pinko scum and now it had all spiraled down to this, this madness...

    [align=left]next day was no better.... i talked with Alexei and Johan.... Johan blind in his rage tried to kill me..... Alexei, he saved me only to off himself minutes later.....

    [align=left]After all of this, i fled to the den, only to be confronted by Tomas, blinded by his own rage he shot me... only to realize what he had done he left leaving me to bleed out...

    [align=left]in the haze of being on the verge of dying, the memories flew past and made sure, made sure that if i was gona die now it would be with a smile, knowing we would be rebound in the afterlife.

    [align=left]Memories of us all down in the pub of Zelenogorsk having a laugh, the times Jitka passed on his knowledge about the Cerna Liska, passing on tradition... it all brought a smile to my face....

    [align=left]Perhaps this was the Cerna Liskas way to signal some sort of rebirth? 

    [align=left]Perhaps killing the one that had done this to me wasn't the answer, but perhaps, perhaps all that was needed was to get beyond his anger and make him understand... besides, enough Bratrs had died already, adding another one to the tally would do no good.

  8. *A long silence can be heard before a tired, broken voice comes through*

    I am a deadman already i wont run, but i will not go out about anything on this crap, at same time, what is point explaining myself to ears that have already closed of only hearing what they want to hear? but if you don't get me, others will. i just ask it to be quick...

    i am free whenever is not like i have anyone to spend time with any longer, but before you do anything regardless wether you want to listen or no atleast let me explain.

    *the radio goes silent once more and krystof gazes out into the darkness ready for another night with little to no rest*

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