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  1. last time i saw s2 popped was id say closer to beginning of september/august. but eyy
  2. Oy oy even before i start this thread up calm yer farm, no im not suggesting shutting it down permanently all i am suggesting is when its low pop hours close s2 to gather everyone on s1. Aint much more to it i know this will probably rustle some jimmies but keeping two servers up when one has 20 and the other has 8, whats the point? if we combine them onto one server it will make other people want to get in game cause its more populated instead of "oh its only 15 players or so fuck that noise i am out"
  3. Pebbles

    S1: Kos in Novy Sobor - 29/11/2016

    Will post PoV once I get home from work due to me being the one to gas the UN man with some lovely 5.56
  4. you know, for some reason it almost looks like this thread was made solely to get a reaction from the opposing party oh well what do i know i am irrelevant. nice screenshots by the way
  5. Pebbles

    Our Harbor

    +1 fam i vote sickcunts yiiii m8
  6. so when will it be officially announced on the forum with a nice shiny title?
  7. I think it's a little to early for Halloween but ya know and some pretty scenery on my travels
  8. Is there anyway that more people from the staff team could have access in order to restart it? in the meantime so that we atleast get a somewhat restart system going or? would that be a nay say so we have to bug you everytime?
  9. So after playing miscreated for a while now me, alongside others have experienced the fact that after the server has been up for some time the mutants aren't respawning and i think its safe to say if you bump into a mutant after a day has passed you are actually lucky so what my suggestion would be is perhaps a timed restart schedule? twice a day or so, if possible of course then hey, that would be pretty good
  10. so i will make this question short and sweet so that i may put myself at ease and hopefully get a proper answer. isn't there a rule that states that staff isn't supposed to recieve evience through PM's? that all evidence to get people punished has to go through a report? or is this just a rule with gray zones and is only used when its "convenient"?
  11. What will I do without my fizzy noodle good luck in whatever you do though
  12. Pebbles

    Petition for the Meme thread

    yes pls.
  13. Pebbles


    I mean i think we both know, its just the matter of who wants to risk the points for posting a link :troll:
  14. but i dont want dirty russians in my country TBH tho best of luck with the group
  15. Pebbles

    The art of Complying

    so basically TL;DR, do what the initiators tells you and don't do stupid things, i mean it seems quite simple but then again people never cease to surprise me.
  16. Pebbles

    Blackwood Uprising [Recruitment Open]

    It's meh apart from Sausage..He makes the roster better Wow, wow. I never like you anyways Wong <3
  17. *Krystof awakens to the all the chattering on the radio and pushes down his PTT* i just want to ask one thing, seeing as deceleration of war is made, will you do what everyone else has and run with tail between legs or actually stand your ground? If this turns out to be another case of actively having to chase people down cause they don't have to full-fill what they started then you might as well call it of now, I personally do not mind shooting you foreigners i mean is just one less to worry about. Again, if this turns out to be a pissing contest over radio you might as well call it of now before you regret it. Oh well, if this will be a case of we have to chase you down, please run into an open field in straight line so we don't have to waste our time with you.
  18. Pebbles

    S1: AOGM Kabanino - 28/08/16 01:44

    aight so PoV, here we go. so me, bruce and some other members that i dont recall were in Kabanino RPing, just chilling before a sedan comes speeding through almost running someone over, we get a bit pissy but get over it until the car again comes speeding through, inches away from running over someone were as at that point me and Bruce decides to build this speed bump of outs to either A discourage the vehicle from coming through at such a high speed and slow down in time or B swerve out of control. This was all an IC project to keep the people in the town at the time safe from the speed demon. Now OOC-wise i had no clue that this could potentially damage the vehicle. Now the vehicle never returned either so our plan flopped and never served its IC purpose.
  19. Pebbles

    Ruleplay vs. Roleplay

    SO, i'll be beating a dead horse, but basically what i have gathered from this thread and from recent reports, i can threaten people to leave me alone or the area and if they don't they will catch a bullet, they leave and kill me i report for ruleplay and they get banned for it. They stay and i kill them and i get away scotch free and they get dinked for NVFL. I mean come on it's flat out stupid, if i'm all alone and someone tells me leave or catch a bullet and then someone from that said group runs up to me, practically being protected by the rule and he probably knows it cause hes not an active threat, im sorry but fuck that, if you approach me and think the rules protect you i am sorry but chances are i will most likely still gun you down over trying to take you captive and then have to deal with ten of you instead of one. At the end of the day it feels like the ruleplay rule is just a rule with to many grayzones and if anything should be worked on more in depth before shooting of ruleplay verdicts left and right.
  20. Pebbles

    To the Outrun [Open Freq]

    *Krystof picks up his radio, takes a big breath and takes a deep breath before pushing down the transmission button* Boy, oh boy, i dont often speak into this little box, because i dont need to have shouting contest on radio to try prove point, you people speak of bad aims, granted if we shoot as good as you run we would all probably be some spetsnaz super solider bullshit right? every shoot would be headshot, im sorry but when i have ten cowards running up on a friend all i need is to make a divertion for him to get away. i mean you dont only run for little while your run on, and on and on before you coward away. You people talk about being cowards, i am sorry that i am not as stupid as the typical westerner travelling alone when you know people hunt you now that is being stupid, travelling is smart. It no matter how many we are four or twenty after first bullets fly, you run away regardless even if you outnumber us four to one, i thought this would be exciting but all this is at end of day is a long hunt for wounded animal that run away and hide. i think point is made, we not need to be good shoot, regardless if we hit or miss you run, i mean next time you run why not just run to whatever hole you came from so i not need so see cowards making country filthy. [align=left]*Pleased with his answer he smiles to himself and squats own, placing the radio on the floor as he his chewing some seeds humming on his favorite Eastern European hard-bass track. He quickly regrets his decision as he hopes not a certain few heard the broadcast*
  21. Dusty, FailingFriendly, firelordjared, Enigma, BlazerPazer72
  22. POV: So i went ontop of the firestation roof as stuff was about to go down after the first shots from Dusty is loosend killing two hostiles, i start taking heavy fire from the vybor side of the airfield, after some time i realize there is someone else in the tower after some time i take the conclusion that the individual is involved, AFK or not i'm not gona run the risk of someone being afk coming back and then killing me i would also like ot point this out
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