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  1. i personally will refrain from voting, i can see the benefits from both sides, if anything mixing the two would be a better idea at the end of the day its your choice on how you RP even if it settles on the light RP choice this wont prevent you from getting into some heavy RP regardless. Personally if there was a 3rd option being mix the two i would of voted on that one seeing as it would hopefully end with the best outcome from both sides.
  2. dont see how my PoV can help but ohwell. i post up behind the hangar and wait for the initiation people dont comply one runs out of the hangar and to a exit in the wall i shoot after him, put up chase quickly loose him and group up with the rest
  3. since i've been listed i guess okay. i linked up with Zeke from the coast and only came there after he was dead
  4. did he end up like dodge did?
  5. POV- so i dont know how much more i can really add to this seeing as my pov is similar to everyone else so basically we move in to NWAF to look for people, Wong run into a group of keeds, out of the blue one of our guys who were at a helli crash calls out he got kos'd, wong gets eyes and starts to pump lead after them and gets killed in the prosess, Charlie and Patz move in and die finally me kevin and Xero moves in, kev domes a cunt and relocates i see two of em take a popshot and break a leg/arm seeing as i heard one of them scream in pain, i relocate agai nsee one start shooting him in the back and then i get shot from behind aswell and go uncon, kevin and Xero comes in and kills the last two. -The end.
  6. i guess i'll just call it out then that this shit screams of bias, there is a similar report from wedensday this week, granted the people in it was not found gulity of that rulebreak but it was still judged as an RDM. regardless of when the rules got changed aswell if this is the case i havent noticed that personally but whatever shouldn't the verdict be written alongside the rules was in comparison to when the the rulebreak occurred? ohwell i guess this is what happens if you rdm the guy that bailed out the man in charge
  7. seeing as the report is kept open i shall proceed to post PoV so Dusty calls out that hes just been shot in the legs around the camp that we laid siege on at little earlier that day, we run over to aid him, a few gets shot here n there, Clapton proceeds to call out that that hes uncon, so i head over to the area were the shots came out, a guy with a shotty comes around the corner and proceeds to attempt to blow his load on my face which i deny and blow a load of my own all over him. after a while one ends up complying, we RP for a while and then proceeds to dip.
  8. will post PoV after work. reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  9. o7 please take care of jacobi or whatever you called him whilst you are gone... and fuck you <3
  10. Aight, PoV time so we hear Erik gets initiated on so a few of us gains eyes, and keeps eyes up until they are ontop of a hill (if i dont remember incorrectly) as we loose eyes we run around for a little while before we start to check known location were people take their hostages which we end up finding them at prud castle so we set up outside and wait. one comes out he gets yiited, another surrenderes and right afterwards we hear a shoot on one of the floors above. It is soon conclued and confirmed that Erik has been capped and as a result i shot the hostage.
  11. ty ty, who knew i coul actually RP, right? thanks for the walk/jog and the chat along the way
  12. plz i thought this thread died long before .61 was released, sure someone can't get their post count up by making suggestion thread if s3 should or shouldn't be closed?
  13. This can be closed i just hope the whitelist actually works now so we dont have to deal with the occasional perm'd player just for the memes. k thx bai.
  14. Server and location: s1 hayball field north-east of kab Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 1:53AM Your in game name: Krystof Sudek Names of allies involved: Charlie Walsh Name of suspect/s: unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): might have recording its acting kinda fucky Detailed description of the events: Aint much to say, i was AFK by the pond at Kab reacted to voip behhind me so i started moving, saw people aiming guns by some haybales in the field as i hit the fields, they were shooting aswell so i figured "hey to not get miss-Id'd i'll put my hands up like a good boy for once and move through the field to get away. halfway through charlie comes to me to meet up with me and then move away from the area, he runs a few circles around me and we take a snap Charlie then runs and i keep my hands up, i then get hit in my legs and a guy approaches and tells me to keep my hands up which i do. Charlie takes cover behind hay bales and attempts to lay into the guy who initiated on me and get s downed by some cucc with a gun in a hill i take my gun out and try to spray the guy aswell fail and also gets shot by the cucc with on the hill.
  15. *Krystof quickly pushes the PTT* hey mister man who had package what was package? we want to know we are in kindd of dispute right now
  16. You had me in stitches after that I ended up laughing so hard I started to cry
  17. i figured after a little back and forth wether to post a PoV or not but seeing as i was the one to kill their overwatch i will post it. So, we decide to rob these fine looking gentlemen ( we are aware of the overwatch being in the area) so we drop the good old hands up or we shoot. whilst they have them complying i sniff around for their overwatch. the overwatch fires once at my lovley friends so i clock in on him to avenge this horrifying attempt of an assasination of the loves of my life (being my friends) as he comes around the corner i initiate on him although i got KOS rights but stupid me pre fires on accident, initiate again he does not comply so i introduce him to my maker 5.56 and kill him. eventually the demand is made that the hostages is to drop all weapons which three of them do (OP does not) this is later discovered as we reach our destination and to make an example out of him not to fuck around when we make demands he gets dragged of and popped. now i see the argument being this is killing all form of RP but you have to remember we had four hostages the death of one of them was to further the RP with the three remaining hostages and not just for the sake of killing someone. i would also like to point out to OP that you ask if his character is a psychopath and you try and to say "he should of just tortured me to get his point across" if anything that is what a psychopath does. sure murder isn't exactly a sane thing to do either we got to remember this isn't a fairytale we are two years into the world gone to shit, the dead rise and most people who are still alive have probably been neck deep in shit a dozen times by now. people aren't meant to get along with everyone for some getting their points across is just a rough talk, for others its a bullet.
  18. POV. aight not to much to add from me from what dusty already posted, we met up two guys on the airfield who delivered a package and some things to deliver to the cartel, were we ask Vic were he is which he responds he is in Novy. by the time we get there we learn that he has been killed by a man in the piano house by the barns in novy. we met two randoms (OP + friend) who also seem to want the guy in the house. some time goes by as we wait we go back and forth etc. suddenly as i come back from a drink at the well i see the UN helmet guy aim his gun by a wall, he lowers and moves next to OP makes minimal contact, lines up a shot and shoots the OP, i then proceed to light the killer up seeing as all four of us was a dynamic at this point, with the same goal. which of course is getting the guy in the piano house which in the end gets splooged by a grenade that dusty throws graciously into his room like a NBA star and we end up being victorious The End.
  19. last time i saw s2 popped was id say closer to beginning of september/august. but eyy
  20. Oy oy even before i start this thread up calm yer farm, no im not suggesting shutting it down permanently all i am suggesting is when its low pop hours close s2 to gather everyone on s1. Aint much more to it i know this will probably rustle some jimmies but keeping two servers up when one has 20 and the other has 8, whats the point? if we combine them onto one server it will make other people want to get in game cause its more populated instead of "oh its only 15 players or so fuck that noise i am out"
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