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  1. ate a can of beans, and threw the empty tin can on an outlaw but
  2. a name is scribbled in on the first page, Joe Erikson why did i end up here? why?! if i knew this were to happen before i decided to accompany my work crew over here,perhaps i wouldnt be trapped in this hellish place on earth, perhaps i would stil be with my family and friends back home. it all happend so quickly the pilots last words are stil ringing in my ears. what the hell is happening?! we are loosing altitude everything is malfunctioning! there was a brief moment of silence before the last words the pilot ever spoke, or rather yelled brace for impact! after that all was dark. i woke up in the midsection of the remains of the plane. i looked around frightend by what i saw. i was about to crawl my way out of the plane before i heard a weak shakingly voice crying out for help i crawled my way towards the voice. i saw his wounds, undiscribeably severe yet stil, yet stil i didnt hesitate to help him. once we got out of the plane and out in the field i passed out again. i didnt even know how long i was out. but there was a engine being shut of that woke me up. i heard voices coming from were the plane wreckage. i felt a spark of life inside me was i saved? would i finaly be rescued. once i got close i became veary of the fact that they were carrying guns, but i kept walking towards them. once they spotted me they turned around and aimed at me before one of them yelled he isnt infected, he is probably one of the guys from the crashsite my mouth was to dry to send out a single word soo i just nodded. to my shock they just walked away again or rather they quickly looked for supply before hiting the pedal to the metal and driving of. the words he said, hes not infected confused me at the time, what did he mean by that. i pass out again in the open fields. i woke up at sunrise the man i helped out of the plane was dead deep within i knew he wouldnt survive the night. to my surpise i saw more folks around the crashsite today. seemed like a crowd, my vision was blurry soo i couldnt see straight, but i slowly walked towards the blurry crowd only to be surpised to see them walking faster and faster, some even running towards me as they was almoust ontop of me. a barrage of bullets was fired towards the crowd one of them strafed my arm and it burned like hell. the pain i stil had in my side and leg after the crash was almoust to much for me to handle and just this gunshot wound made me pass out again...
  3. [video=youtube] because why not
  4. on a good day my ping is around 20 - 80 not bee nhaving any real issue with ''slow'' connection either besides from the part that the speed on my internet is slow Ok, will leave unsolved for now and take a look at your stuff personally soon. aight thanks for ze help ^^
  5. that might be the problem but this has happend to me aswell as when a server has restarted aswell i even have it happend to me me when i just dissconected for the night Yeah it sounds like a connection issue on your end, you character isn't saving to the database correctly. Is your connection slow or high ping? on a good day my ping is around 20 - 80 not bee nhaving any real issue with ''slow'' connection either besides from the part that the speed on my internet is slow
  6. that might be the problem but this has happend to me aswell as when a server has restarted aswell i even have it happend to me me when i just dissconected for the night
  7. well, the problem is that i was running, north of cherno when i passed out. when this occured i nearly died but managed to keep goign all the way to prud. soo i get to prud and voila my router crashes and then i spawn back in in the exsact location of were i passed out: it might be however this is not confirmed but the possibility is there to atleast try. well the time it happend was around 22:06 GMT+1 when i spawned back in, north of cherno on S1 dayZRP it hasnt realy happend to me all that often since i rarley survive when i pass out but i cant realy put on a certain date since this has been a problem but i know its a problem ive had happend to me on normal DayZ aswell. nothing since there is nothing i can do about it but to report the problem
  8. Hehe. It was fun! quite indeed it was fun until my nose started bleeding all over the place soo i ended up running around with one hand holding for my nose and another on the keyboard
  9. Pebbles

    Tamaster's GIANT Weapon addition suggestion Part 2 - Shotguns/Rifles

    I can make that happen...:troll: id rather not thumper although it would proly amuse you
  10. Pebbles

    Totally fucked up.

    A absolute amazing read, you put focus on soo much more compared to other people i mean the other "survivour logs" people write are good, but you nailed it. Cant wait for more
  11. Pebbles

    Tamaster's GIANT Weapon addition suggestion Part 2 - Shotguns/Rifles

    all of my yeses i love the frigging WW2 weapons dunno however about the shotguns, but if they get added too i guess ill give them a..... wait for it! a shot ah the puns, i should be PUNished for these bad puns
  12. oh derp srry didnt realy look aroudn when i searched for it. oh well now i know thanks anyways ^^
  13. hello everyone, i was just wondering does any1 know about a good and free recording program? im stuck with Fraps and it makes stuff lag and the videos takes up to much space.
  14. Pebbles

    Post pictures of your pet

    this is my famlys newest famly member if i dont remember wrong he is around 3month'ish in this photo wich was taken today (4th of march)
  15. The gathering is held in hamar, in the olympic iceskating arena viking skipet
  16. hello everyone, this is just a simple thread soo ill try keeping it short. soo i was wondering if anyone around scandinavia Norway, Sweden etc are going to The gathering this year, The gathering is basicly just a big lan party with around 5000 people or soo and is the 2nd largest Lan party the nr1 is Dreamhack well if you are tell me id love to meet some of ya'll in person. ( not sure if i posted this in the right Area, sorry if i didnt)
  17. IGN: Joe ''Phantom'' Erikson Age: IRL: 17 IG: 18 Country: Norway. English skills: they are decent although i might use a few seconds to remember the correct words and such but i can read and speak english just fine. DayZ Experience: i have play'd dayZ since August however ive been alot in and out of it to take some breaks. What kind of role best describes you: im a person who seeks to other survivours to try and help them and make some friends when im not doing this i prefer stalking the woodlines and stick by myself. i do forfill orders given to me unless they are against my beliefs of the way of life,i am polite and i try not to be a douchebag unless its needed. Have you been in any clan/group previously: not in dayZRP but i have been in a few on standard dayZ Additional notes: my internet may go a-wall a few times soo dont let me drive any vehicle until ive managed to fix the problem. im usualy on for 4 - 6Hours a day Best way to contact you: PM me i am usualy on the homepage everyday to check in. Backstory: i used to work as a Air Crash Investigator despite my age they hired me, we were called to chernorussia to help them with an investigation upon passing Green Mountain all the instrument malfunctioned and we ended up crashing ourself. there were only me and a colegue who survived the crash however we were encountered by bandits rushing towards the aircrash they kidnapped my colegue who i never saw again and hit me in the back of the head soo i blacked out, next thing i know i awake at the top of the hill, were my journey begins.
  18. realy like this mixture between IC and OOC info i hope to see one every month
  19. hehe, nice vid with some humour but stil it tells you the basic rules of the server
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