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  1. I dont have much more i can really add onto this but here we go i guess, a couple of our boys had been initiated on and amidst making their way to the ATC they were shot. Upon our arrival we found the assailants looting one of the bodies and we proceeded to open fire and a fight ensues. After some gunfire had been exchanged one of our guys called out two people in the middle of the airfield to which i pull out my megaphone and say "this is still an active firefight go ahead and leave the area or you may be mistaken for an enemy" after this i make my way further east just below the ATC along the airfield. Just before i had gotten behind solid cover again bullet cracker very close around me moments after i tell that im being shot at over the radio right afterwards i hear that we have eyes on the suspected shooter and he is dealt with.
  2. i have nothing further to add into this report as has already been mentioned by Kai and Wong, we we're travelling together for the entire duration of the situation.
  3. Really enjoyed the RP i've had with you chaps during the cease fire especially whenever we've been interacting with biggsbe. Keep up the good work chaps
  4. Congratulations on getting accepted there blueberries
  5. Pebbles

    Green Dragons

    congratulations on the approval cuties ?
  6. Was a nice breeze of fresh RP form @Xehara after coincidentally stumbling into eachother as freshspawns alongside @Wong it was a fun interaction for the while it lasted, sorry it had to be cut short when one of our boys were about to get jumped at the airfield
  7. Pebbles

    'Member Thread

    member when KOS rights made sense? oh i member.
  8. Tom was born in Johannesburg, South Africa whilst his norwegian native parents were there to follow up on a business expansion. They would stay in Johannesburg until Tom was five years old before the business was established enough for them to return home to Norway, Kongsvinger to be exact. Tom would end up being very rebellious during his upbringing and struggled to settle in when it came to studies. Once he was eighteen he enlisted into the Norwegian army, he had two tours in Afghanistan before he was discharged of his duties due to injuries sustained from an IED. Tom, still restless, wanting to go back to serve as a solider ended up seeking out the French Foreign Legion and was enlisted to the 2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment serving in operations such as Operation Serval. Before Tom had the chance to retire from Duty he was called in once more for a operation in the Black Mountains by Chernarus, one last mission.
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    Cerna Liska [Active][Recruitment Closed][GOTY 2018]

    i can finally get away from you shitlords it was a good run you glorious bastards
  10. Pebbles

    The Kirby Council

    how do you rate this? fellow council members?
  11. Pebbles

    The Kirby Council

    @Jadeboat but i'm not allowed to join? ?
  12. Pebbles

    Pepsi Hate Thread

  13. * Krystof listens in to the message being broadcasted before he holds the PTT down on his radio* If it is news you wish to keep broadcasting i suggest you include the entire truth, and not these propaganda messages News lady. Yes, Vasili is dead, Yes he was killed me and my bratři hands. Did he die in Chernogorsk? Ne. He was beaten like the half breed ruski dog he was south of Pustoshka just before the military checkpoint, He was given enough chances to redeem himself. Instead of doing good on our generosity he go into hiding like coward. Vasili died no Hero, he paid his debt. krev za krev *Krystof sighs as he lets go of the PPT and examines his bruised knuckles*
  14. Pebbles

    Cerna Liska Media Thread

    When you Dunk on a foreigner and check his body, this is why we dont like foreigners in Chernarus
  15. I must say the hours i spent down at the free medics camp was very enjoyable. Watching @[email protected] [email protected] and whomever else was down there for that, from the medical training to the endurance race between Vasili and Toby. ( i think it was Toby unless my memory is faulty) I hope you enjoyed my water @ComradePilgrim ?would also like to give a kudos to @Morytania for the travel from myshkino tents to Pavlovo and back again, hopefully you learned as much as i did, also a notice to @Zanaan didnt think i'd run into you for a while you pleb and something tells me you were watching, if not the entire travel but parts of it.
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