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  1. Jake Orlov, a troubled son running rampant in the streets of solnichty, running drugs and guns throughout Chernarus, robbing and jumping folks not for money or drugs, but for the excitement, his hands trembled with excitement after the deed was done, was he insane? a brassknuckle and hammer weilding maniac? Who knew, Jake surely didnt, atleast until July. The day the world ended. Judgement day had come, the dead had rizen from what was though to be the final resting place, Had he gone to far and angered the gods? The thought rattled inside his brain, he looked to god only to find no answer to the problem, yet only a way to slow the inevitable, he had to survive, and help rebuild a community aiming to better the lands as well as clearing the infected and the sleezeballs that were preying on the weak and the scared, as he himself use to do, Jake knew what his plans of action had to be, and he knew exactly how to go about getting his plan in motion. The only thing left for him to gather were supplies, food and a squad.
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