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  1. general specific

    Where does your Political Compass lie?

    lol I am not this libertarian This is why I will never RP a communist. It'd be too easy.
  2. general specific

    [BHM] Black Hat Militia

  3. general specific

    [BHM] Black Hat Militia

    The payoff for Shekel's mad skills...
  4. general specific

    [BHM] Black Hat Militia

    Happy to be back and playing with you guys again. <3
  5. general specific

    [BHM] Black Hat Militia

    The best roleplay and the best times I've had on this server have come from being in this clan, and I'm super happy to have been here and to still be in touch with you lot. I love you all, sad to see this go. <3
  6. general specific

    Poor Humor?

    Funny joke, but off topic.
  7. general specific

    Poor Humor?

    I found it okay because I'm used to it. It's just amusing to me when people treat 9/11 like a 'last straw' for offensive jokes - post 9/11 American 'patriotism' resulted in the deaths of over 30,000 innocent Pakistanis, god knows over a million innocent Iraqis, and is probably a root cause for many deaths that still happen every year. I appreciate that 9/11 was a national tragedy but there are many, many national tragedies every year and this community would happily overlook the impact of jokes about them because it's easy to do so. And I'm used to that. I'm not painting you out to be anything.
  8. general specific

    Poor Humor?

    The joke mentioned 9/11 in passing. It was actually racist, directed at Muslims, and I probably had more of a "right" to be offended by it, being Pakistani and of culturally Muslim descent. A joke made by a Community Helper in the same room was also quite racist against Nigerians. I find it funny that you were willing to overlook those and focus on something that just about mentioned 9/11, especially given that you are criticising the community for holding particular issues in stark focus and holding others as "less important".
  9. general specific

    [BHM] Black Hat Militia

  10. Just when you came back to BHM! Hang around on TS, I'm on occasionally and I'd love to talk again.
  11. general specific

    [SVR] Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki - Origins (Recruitment open)

    I'm looking forward to it too!
  12. general specific

    [SVR] Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki - Origins (Recruitment open)

    Once lovers...now mortal enemies. Bring it on.
  13. I don't think I've ever met you ingame but like Gijs I love every single one of your posts. Your roleplay stories and even ordinary posts are filled with personality and dedication to your character and clan, and I'll happily take people's word that you're one of the best roleplayers around. Sad to see you go, I'd say Yoshi Asahara has been deified
  14. general specific

    Sexual Harassment Discussion

    You're not baiting me to say exactly that. It may be clear to you what Toorrik's and other satirical posts intend to say, but it won't be for someone who doesn't know anybody in the community and is just hoping for a warm welcome.
  15. general specific

    Sexual Harassment Discussion

    I think it's worth pointing out that in situations like that intention doesn't matter a lot, impact does. Can anyone expect the OPs of these welcome threads to sift through each post and sift out good intention from bad, considering it's one of their first impressions of the community? I don't think so, what they'll see is a wall of inappropriate posts about them being female and whatever else comes with it. I don't mean to single out Toorrik's post (since there are a lot of people doing this), but as an example, 'commentary' or not it was a sausage being rubbed on a woman's face. I don't think the intention is clear to a new member, especially when it's in the middle of a cluster of 'holy shit it's a girl' posts.