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  1. Cars move fast and the server moves slow with out them we need cars
  2. I believe I was transferring a wooden crate that had been left on s1 the previous day to s2
  3. ManipulateMe

    S1/Dolina/ NVFL - Avoiding RP - Massive OOC - Meta-Gaming

    Hunting game in Dolina when AlecM spots someone near the water pump Realize goes to greet him but received no reply. The MadDecent then started to run away the three of us chased the MadDecent telling him to stop. The guy hide in a bush AlecM shot the zombies that were attacking MadDecent. MadDecent ran into the forest at which point realize initiated on him telling him to put his hands up or he would shoot. MadDecent continued to run and as a result was shot
  4. Sumata is half Russian half Japanese and was born into the Omorashi ninja clan and raised from a young age to be a master of survival and the sword. At the age 15 Sumata had to go through his right of passage to become a full-fledged ninja, Sumata was cast into the wilderness and was tasked to return with the heads of 10 panda bears in 3 years’ time. Being the prodigy that he was Sumata returned 3 years later with 1,864 panda heads but he was too late. Sumata found his village in shambles with bullet holes in all the walls, doors and people. Alarmed He rushed to his sensei the village elder too find his father holding a cursed object the Taiho Oni (a gun) while standing over the dead bullet hole filled body of his sensei . Sumata then stabbed his father 79 times (once for every person in the village) his father’s dying words told of more Oni guns to the north west in a land called Chernarus and that he was sorry. Sumata then began a great pilgrimage on foot west across Asia not only to destroy the remaining oni guns but to acquire more knowledge of the outside world that he had been sheltered from his whole life. On his journey west Sumata took super-secret ninja tunnels that connected his village with china. After emerging from the tunnel Sumata found himself in a land most unfamiliar, steel bulls and concrete trees surrounded him. As he made through northern china towards Mongolia he was offered to ride on the back of a steel bull that one of the locals was inside, however he found the bull would make him sick after short periods of travel (the sound of cars are similar to gunshots in fact if you think about it a car is just a big gun on wheels) once he entered Mongolia Sumata was in bad shape and was taken into a Buddhist temple where he meditated on top of a sheep for a whole month only taking a break to eat gohan. After this experience Sumata found himself with the ability to talk to animals with his mind, this power came in handy because it allowed him to ride atop mountain goats in order to traverse the rocky mountains of northern Mongolia and eventually reach Kazakhstan. Sumata’s journey through Kazakhstan was relatively peaceful until he was attacked by a pack of snow leopards Sumata then glared at the snow leopards for 7 days and 7 nights until he earned their collective respect. The snow leopards then led Sumata to a nearby Kazakhstan village. Sumata instantly knew something was up as he could sense the lingering kegare in the air and it seemed that the dead were still standing. Reminded of the fate that had befallen his clan Sumata felt compelled to give the villagers a proper death so he took his sword and stabbed all the villagers in the head and fed them to the snow leopards sending their souls to Yomi. Sumata could only come up with one reason as to how the villagers had ended up in such a sorry state in the first place. GUNS THE ONI GUNS. Sumata continued his journey west with a new sense of urgency however as he traveled the fog of kegare only grew thicker. Finally Sumata arrived at the coast of the black sea where he build a raft out of tree logs set sail towards Chernarus asking a local smooth hammerhead shark to guide his way. Sumata blames guns for all human suffering and vowed to destroy all guns and the people who abuse them. Sumata is a brave character that values honor above all else however he is becomes a complete coward whenever it comes to being at gun point. Sumata refuses to use guns and destroys any he comes across. Sumata does not attack others that use guns unless they use them for evil (attacking on other player robbing them or whatever) Sumata has a firm sense of justice and values people’s lives highly (lawful good).
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