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  1. Petr Sramek is a 57-year-old man that was born in Sonichnyi, after graduating from school Petr became a miner in one of the mines, soon after he met Svetlana which he later got married to and had a son with her. Petr mostly worked overtime, so he could save the funds later for university for his son. After Petr son has finally ended the high-school and been sent to University in Elektrozavodsk Petr kept working in the mines happy to know that he could provide a future for his son. And then the year 2017 has come and everything went to hell, due to the chaos and infection spread Petr wife has become one of the many victims of the disease, there was nothing Petr could do for her except ending her suffering. After giving a proper burial to his wife Petr has decided he needs to find his son, he grabbed the most necessary things for the venture and started to make his way toward Elektrozavodsk in hopes of finding his son, whether alive or dead. After finally finding his way to Elektrozavodsk and not being able to find his son there, he has decided to keep going throughout Chernarus trying to find his beloved son.
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