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  1. That seems to have worked. Thank you very much.
  2. Hey there! So I've followed the guide in fixing the, "This is not your active Character!" issue, and I think I have an idea on what the problem is. In the "Characters" section of the forum It asked for my characters full name Which is " Lucas J. Townsend" however, I had to put "Lucas Townsend" because It would not let me add the "J." section of the name. I believe this is creating an error when talking to the white list for the server, as my characters name is " Lucas J. Townsend" under the parameters section. If someone could help me out, I'd love to be able to play! Thanks. Edit: Just realized that this is posted in the wrong place. Sorry!
  3. Lucas J. Townsend is 32 years old, from an area near the border of Oregon and California in a little place called Prospect. He had three siblings, all boys, and all of them varying age at his birth. His father Jonathan Townsend and his mother Lynette were the type to keep to themselves. They say it used to be a relatively quiet place in Prospect, sure a tourist every once in a while with his RV and wife, but nothing too fancy. Lucas, or Luke as most people called him, always dreamed of the outdoors and could always be found rummaging through something here, or putting something together there. Growing up, Lukes family kept to their own little space. They had a bunker they'd built on 154 acres of beautiful back country, which admittedly was a great place to cut his teeth as a young man, it was surprisingly green on his little families slice of heaven and they spent all the time they could learning the ways of the land. Luke often found that sitting in the stands while the forest woke every morning was the most peaceful thing you could experience, and he really did love to walk around barefoot. And that was true in this crazy world, not much could be considered beautiful, but he somehow found beauty in everything. By the time he reached true manhood, 18, he decided he wanted to broaden his horizons, experience the variety of life. He joined the Army and spent the next 8 years under the watchful eye of the Green Big Brother. His two oldest brothers had joined and when they were sent off to war, only one returned. This didn't end so well with Lukes parents, more specifically his mother. After his 8 year contract was up, Luke Returned to Prospect, the birthplace of his fondest memories, and found that the land hadn't changed much. His two remaining brothers had since returned home, put to work in fortifying that bunker that their father had built so long ago. The Way the world was going had changed something inside Lukes father. He became quick to distrust and spoke less and less every year. Although momma took his brothers death the hardest at first, Luke believes his father was truly changed because of it. After years and years of this behavior, Lukes mother died of some unknown disease, and this was the killing blow for their once beloved father. He was no longer much more than a hollow husk of a man. By this time Luke and his brothers were old enough to recognize the signs of danger, and eventually they were driven so far apart from their father, that they wrote their farewells and left in the night. It was either that or die in this now forsaken place. With the world before them and a life spent in only a few places, Luke and his brothers decided they would head overseas, to the birthplace of their ancestors; Belarus. They had no solid plans for the future and had only just collected information on their heritage, with this in mind they all three decided a trip around Eastern Europe was in order. They began in Belarus and made their way through the Ukraine in the hopes on entering Russia. Whether by some cosmic joke or simply bad timing, their trip was cut short. Tensions had risen in the East to such levels that they were no longer allowed to return to the US, not for lack of trying. The military service of Luke and the oldest remaining brother were not lost on the embassy. It was simply a matter of resources, there were no ways to transport them back home, the area was locked down. They were now stuck in Russia, just off the black sea. With only limited knowledge of the language and surrounding area, there was not much for them to do. While attempting to find a place to stay and rest, Luke and his brothers were approached by a group of men, asking for whatever they had not already used up. Outnumbered, they had decided to run, it simply happened that they ran in opposite directions. Now alone and without his brothers, Luke had no where to turn. He tried again and again to reach them on his phone. 5 Days later someone picked up, it turns out his brothers were alive after all, and together! The bad news was that they had needed to get out of the city and had decided to take a ship into the Black Sea with the hopes of reaching Georgia. This new proposal was ill timed as a conflict had reached new heights in a country called Chernarus, this could prove to be an issue. With this in mind Luke now had a goal and purpose; meet up with his brothers, and get back home.
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