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  1. It is currently late, and my pc is not available to me at this moment. I will post my POV tomorrow when able to.
  2. ————————— < Open Log File > ————————— Subject : Martin "Lockheed" Rogers Subject Status : Actively Deployed Active Station : Chernarus Editor : Agent Cordoba Foreward : Personnel report on Arm & Claw Security Staff ————————— < Begin Log > ————————— This is Agent Cordoba, providing personnel report on Arm & Claw Security Staff : Martin "Lockheed" Rogers. -Psyche evaluation- Martin Rogers is a rough young adult, raised in the lush forests along the Mid-Western Mississippi. Martin is a strong willed man, following in his family's business of security work. Though excelling in situation control and analysis while under stress, Martin does have trouble communicating with civilians in tense situations. Martin's most common usage on site is as point-man and is quite comfortable in use of force situations. When off the job, however, Martin has been described as generally talkative and modest. Martin is currently viewed as an asset to the security team and will continue to receive payment as per usual. -Known History- Martin Rogers was born in Jerseyville, Illinois on July 12th, 1997. He was born to one "Jacob Rogers", father, and one "Linda Rogers", mother. Martin's parents were employees at a local security firm, securing docking areas along the Mississippi. Martin was a firearms fanatic, and spent a considerable amount of time at the family range. Martin loved the thrill of running "Kill Houses" and from time to time doing security drills with his parents. -Introduction to Arm & Claw Co.- Martin's graduation from college in 2019 allowed Martin to begin his career, being offered a desirable position in the country of Chernarus. His motivation to be of use to his employer, shows with his constant scouting runs spent looking for supplies. This has been Agent Cordoba, now signing off. ————————— < End Log > ————————— < Close Log File > —————————
  3. Victor Hyde, a boy born into an abusive home owned by Chernorussian immigrants Johnathon and Clarissa Petrović. Victor was an adventurous young boy and loved to explore both the lush green backwoods his home town Otterville, and the cold pine speckled mountains of Chernarus. Victor would often go hunting for wildlife in order to keep his father's butcher shop in stock and often seeking his approval for his captures. His parents moved to Chernarus in order to live closer to family in 2007, opening another butcher's shop. This business allowed his family to live an average life, though Victor received frequent beatings as punishment for minor infractions. Victor learned how to butcher livestock to work at the family business. His father frequently beat him for minuscule mistakes and for one beating, he snapped. Victor had learned how to skin and gut wildlife, and in his own defense, and in some sadistic act of vengeance, used these skills on his father. Victor, scared and confused as to what he had done, was later picked up by law enforcement in 2014, and tried for murdering his father. After his conviction Victor received treatment at a mental ward off the southern coast of Chernarus. Victor met many people during his time in this facility, often meeting polite but dangerous people that taught him plenty of street knowledge. Victor learned how to stay out of trouble, and stay on good terms with the lowlife of his confine, despite many harboring hatred for Chernorussians. His unfortunate circumstances left him in a very low place, often looking to something higher to call and give him a place, though traditional religion seemed to cast him aside as scum. During a Frenzy Flu outbreak within the prison's walls, and the government staff already being thin, Victor had seized the opportunity to escape his captivity, grabbing a pack of cards off of the corpse of a well known gambler in the asylum for his luck. Being out in this new world Victor is scraping by to survive, and is now trying to blend into this crumbling society he hasn't been in contact with in six years.
  4. Personally, if someone is attempting to break into/entering a broken into base, they should accept the fact that the owner may come home to find armed people inside their home, suggesting these people are there to forcefully take your supplies. In a real life situation you would more than likely shoot them on sight, and having to say "Hey bro quit doing that and leave" honestly ruins immersion and limits the tension that could be felt on both sides. Say an attacking group, or just a random group that thought they'd take a look inside enters a secured or broken into home, there would be tension in that sense not knowing whether the owner was still holed up somewhere, or simply waiting for the raiding party to let down their guard. The defending group may come back to see their locks cut off, or see people inside/on top of their home. The defending party then enters stealth mode to get the jump on the intruders in order to eliminate the threat, and, let's be honest, if a small group of say 1-2 people is being raided by a group larger than themselves, there is no way in hell they'll be able to survive taking an intruder captive when they say "Put your hands up raider scum." Even if the person you initiate on complies, you will more than likely get swamped by the rest of the intruders and your interaction with these people will be minimal. Now, imagine the defending part may openly fire on intruders. The defending party of 1 or 2 people could easily sneak in, undetected, and pick people off, constantly changing positions and making pinpointing a defender nigh but impossible. This would make base raiding much more intense, as attackers would have MUCH more reason to post guards watching for these people to come back. And these slight changes in how the two parties interact would form immersive role-play for the both of them, as it's no longer a waiting game to see if someone initiates and more of an active and natural form of hostilities between the two groups. In all reality, most anyone raiding your base is prioritizing gear or a fight over RP. When you come to a base and enter unannounced or begin to raid it, you are there to hold up and/or steal from the people inside. That, in my opinion, should be considered a hostile action, and would be considered initiating hostilities with the residents in a real life scenario. I believe that the current rules regarding base defense should be altered, as they are extremely unrealistic, and in my opinion very frustrating to deal with as someone who has taken part in many different base defenses that have included nearly any scenario I can think of.
  5. None of our members are present in that video, and I would appreciate if you would refrain from the insinuation our members would find pleasure in breaking a rule.
  6. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: My group had only removed 4 walls in total, logs making each section look like a new wall removed. We have had hostile interactions with the OP of the report, warranting my group's hostilities toward them. Another member of our group, @Worldclass has also had hostile interactions with the group and multiple other IC reasons to want to disrupt their operation. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: On top of all of this, I joined my group in the raid after all this was done, not even being a part of the raid until after the walls were removed. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Ban removed, Points removed. What could you have done better?: Recorded situation in order to provide staff adequate information to come to a more favorable decision.
  7. Sorry for my late response. My POV : Able, myself, is headed to the Severograd school compound, which we had confirmation that they were taking blood and experimenting on people so we decided to check out the compound to clear them out. Able came to the raid on the compound late, we had already gotten into the main compound and began to load the cars. We took medicinal supplies and some took items of individual interest for themselves. After taking down Hesco Kits in order to bring them back for fortification of our compound, and moved items from a military tent into the surrounding tents as the green military tents are quite useful. Most of us loaded into cars and drove away, calling our sabotage of their operations there a success.
  8. This essentially sums up my feelings on the character pages. As much as I love being able to read character profiles to see the work put into them, I've had people rp with me, and once my character's name is made available to them the rp situation makes a complete U-turn into an aggressive interrogation or attempted execution. I think metagaming characters is just too popular on the server right now to make it so readily available.
  9. I am a member of your dreaded Poius Cras. We call ourselves The Corporation amongst people outside the group so that we don't get metad. If someone knows who the corporation is through in game "rp" means, they know we're Kos. But if we identify as potius to people we'll just get gatted by people who have only heard of us on the forms because they know we're kos. Potius doesn't wear our uniforms to avoid metaing, and to stop people from knowing we're Potius. We are a generally disliked group, and we never link ourselves or our look to Potius due to fear of being kosed or held up and taken for questioning. The same could be said for others as well. The playhouse wouldn't want to wear or do anything tying them to playhouse because people would suspect their affiliation and take proper precautions. I believe this rule is just a metal gamer's Haven. If someone doesn't want to get caught up in a group firefight than they need to leave the area. We even have a rule telling people not to go towards gunshots.
  10. "I " @Heisenburg " agree that while I am playing in the Potius Cras group CP, I waive my right to report anyone for KOS or attempted KOS on me under any circumstances. All kills on my character will be valid so long as my character is in the Potius Cras CP no matter how the character death came about. So long as I am playing a Potius Cras character that is working for / with the organization, or my forum name is on the group CP on the forums, I waive my right to report any KOS or attempted KOS on my character." //Signed by @Heisenburg
  11. @Mademoiselle Have failed to recieve ally's POV. Thinking about it further, I think his POV wouldn't provide anything to the report due him providing overwatch, he'd be too far away to provide VOIP info, and it's just be even worse visuals on the situation due to his view through a narrow window from a decent distance. If needed I can keep pestering him, sorry for delay if so.
  12. I don't have a pov, due to my shadowplay being disabled, but I can give you a description from my pov, and once I get a hold of it, a pov of an ally who was providing over-watch. After me and my associates attempt to hold Bodey up, Bodey ran into a two story house, holing himself up in the room shown in Bodey's video. I requested Bodey to exit the room with his hands up or I'd kill him, after which I hear him "shit talk" me in voip, causing me to believe he would be refusing my offer. Due to Bodey not making it clear his hands were up and he would be surrendering himself, I entered the room with my gun raised, and upon seing Bodey I fired, under the impression he was still prepared to defend himself. I came to the realization his hands were up after I had killed him, due to it happening so fast. If you would like my ally's pov footage, I can provide it once it is available.
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