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  1. Well i was on my way to regroup whit some people so we could RP and all that but half way between Zelenogorsk and Pavlovo i had to stop running like a lunatic so i started walking slow along the side of the main road. Till i did make up my mind to to a shortcut thru the field still walk until i see a truck going along the road in high speed. i did think i was alright and i was safe here in the field but could not been so wrong the truck start turning towards me in high speed wanted to squash me, but i did mange too do a maneuver by just a couple of centimeters and i see this Blue truck pass me and i did scream at them like - Mind your damn driving! they replayed oh shit your human, yes i said but it was close they ended that part of my existence and behind the controls of the truck was Coreena. after that incident i stay indoors ever time Coreena is on move in a truck feared for my life more then usually but she is forgiven now i took me a while to let it go
  2. -i would like to be able to make a stronger type of silencer whit a empty spray paint can and combined it whit isolate material and duct tape, -Combined two mags into one whit duct tape. -Scavenge damaged vests to improve my own using its materials combined whit a knife and a heavy sewing kit
  3. The thing that did annoy me a bit when the update got out was that it purged my weapon stock and hand guard so my akm looked like a Bolter from W40k i couldn't stand it so i gave it away whit 5 mags included. as i couldn't locate any parts even when i searched all over the place. Overall i have no problem in survival ability its just that it screwed me over in the process due to the update.
  4. Then yes. It's made and ready but waiting for loot economy and ammo changes Okay thanks for the heads up! Wait, what is loot economy? Basically in different areas on the map and environments loot economy comes into play on how distributed the loot is and how it fits the environment, so it's more realistic to where you would find a item. "Basically in different areas on the map and environments loot economy comes into play on how distributed the loot is and how it fits the environment, so it's more realistic to where you would find a item." Lol in that case i would scavenge the BMB-2 wrecks for a good looking PKM and after that i am set ^^
  5. it would be nice whit some surplus WW2 equipment like the SVT 40 or AVT 40, ppsh 41 and the DP 28
  6. 10/10 but still ware is your protective cases cousins ?
  7. AKM whit modded parts from AK-101 or from a 74, then a trustworthy Axe for pesky zombies and a makarov ^^
  8. 7/10 something that looks like zombies and some military guy picture is very small
  9. i usually ignore it pretending that it did not happened because i kinda spooked people out their senses while searching thru barrack buildings and stumble across a fellow survivor and he puts on an accent after the incident. but i am unsure even if it falls under badrp as it can happen to anyone
  10. New Status update it has now been + 12:30 hrs since i last was RP i feel strange and i am almost high on caffeine and sleep deprivation.. watching youtube clips , Forums and more forums, And loud music just to keep me awake lol
  11. People with gasmask are the best. Indeed, Soundboards are for the weak
  12. Me and my trusty gas mask very good for cleaning the bathroom and when killing bugs whit RADAR during the summer. and a + when i don't like sound mixers Darth DarkStyle do you approve sadly bad quality picture see if i can locate a better one aah better alright airsoft even trying to med my comrade in arms but i did fail so i did lay at the spot catching some rays before giving up and returning the the re-spawn
  13. do start a new can of coffee and during that time take it easy whit slayer in my media player till i get bored then i retrieve my coffee then i watch documentaries.