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    Yo, @Murdoc is a whole ass cutie

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    Ryan Shepherd Guide To Solving In Character Issues

    +5 intelligence has been granted
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    Refusing to RP with characters

    Just RP.... I get the feeling of not wanting to RP with some people, but suck it up buttercup. RPing is what the server is about, even if some people do shit RP move on. At the end of the day it's a game, unless someone insults or attacks you OOC - i personally see no reason to flat out refuse to RP with someone, and even then - attacking someone OOC is against the rules, so that's easily solveable.
  5. Nutgos

    [Chernarus open broadcast] To any remaining NATO troops..

    Thomas presses down the PTT "Super Six, this is Corporal Thomas Winchester with the US Marine Corps." "To my knowledge the US Military is no longer attempting to come into contact with the troops sent to Chernarus." Thomas lets out a sigh as he prepares his next sentence "I'm currently under the command of the Praetorian Guard, they're some good people and do what they can to help." Gunshots can be heard over the radio "With that said, i'll need to go now. I hope we can meet someday" Thomas straps the Radio to his backpack waiting for a response
  6. Nutgos

    Group Idea Thoughts

    Definently an Interesting idea. I'd love to see it happen, just maybe not as much fucking about as before. You have my best wishes!
  7. Would ya look at that new cutie. Welcome to the community, sincerely hope you enjoy your stay.
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    Welp ladies and gentlemen, how do you like the new profile overhaul?

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  • Backstory Thomas Winchester was born April 16th 1999 in Austin, TX. Thomas spent most of his childhood skipping school, being beat by his father and in general be a troublemaker until he reached Senior year. Senior year of highschool was the turning point in his life as the school he went to had enough of Thomas endless troublemaking and would note down every rule he had broken, when he had broken them and how he had broken them down and got enough evidence of his criminal activities to make him go to court. When the judge was made aware of the beatings and neglet from both of his parents he felt pity and offered him a deal. Spend 8 years in Federal Prison, or enlist in the USMC (United States Marine Corps) Thomas without hesitating chose joining the Military. Thomas was always seen as a good fighter and did all he could for his unit, that included putting his life at risk for the safety of the unit by standing his ground and making a distraction for the enemy while his comrades retreated into the woods. After Thomas returned from Irak to his CO he was selected to be apart of a secret mission. Go to Chernarus, link up with the JTF (Joint Task Force) and report back once that task is done, you shall receive more information then. Thomas sat in the Helicopter, taking in a deep breath of air before he jumped out of and released his Parachute. As if fate had decided this was the last day of Thomas, his parachute failed and he proceeded to fall approximately 1000 feet before he hit the water. When Thomas woke up from the extreme fall, he found himself on the beach of an island with nothing but a pair of jeans, a hoodie and a radio. Thomas was confused and angry that someone had robbed his gear while he was out instead of attempting to help him, he would attempt to Radio the JTF from his Handheld Transceiver "Echo 8-9 this is Bravo 2 do you copy? over" Nothing but the sound of static consumed the Radio, Thomas attempted to contact the JTF once again to his vain. Days went on and he lived on what he could salvage from the coast, it wasn't much but he was waiting for the JTF or his CO to contact him... Surely they would soon find out he was there... With no supplies left and no sign of any contact, he decided for the first time to survive instead of continuing with the Mission with a strong hatred for his CO for putting him in a position like this. Mentality and Morales Thomas is no stranger to firefights and dealing with enemies. He will do anything that he finds is neccesary to keep him and his men safe from the dangers of the world around him. Thomas would rather sacriface an innocent bystander then sacrifice one of his men if the evolving situation would only have one of those two outcomes as he sees greater need for Soldiers who will have his back instead of a Civilian who more then likely has no experience with firearms or gunfights. Thomas lives by "leave no man behind" and that shines in his character, he will give his own supply of food and water to a fellow comrade if it means that is for the survival of that person. If one of his men are killed Thomas will more then likely find a way to get his revenge on whoever did the deed alongside any and all bystanders weather innocent or not. Thomas acknowledges the chaos within him and uses it to his advantage, but as Thomas himself puts it: "There is a difference between Chaos and Anarchy, in Chaos you can still have a chain of command and complete a task as a unit whereas Anarchy is every man for himself. If i had to choose i would rather be a living bad guy then a dead good guy."
  • Nutgos

    the last message

    Michael holds down the PTT with the sound of a depressed laughter and speaks "The time has finally come. I've been trying to survive of taking what i needed but that didn't work for me." "I'm sorry for stealing, i'm sorry for appearing, fuck i'm sorry for exsisting in the first place" The sound of a singular bullet being loaded can be heard "They were right... i really do deserve to die." "Goodbye." A gunshot can be heard through the frequency right before it goes to static
  • Nutgos

    Wolfpack Frequency [Open Broadcast]

    Michael holds down the PTT "if any assistance is needed, go ahead and catch me on my frequency which is 42.9" "I am always looking for work and a way to help others." A sigh can be heard "Just sad that people always look for a reason to hate another human."
  • Nutgos

    The Samaritans [Open Recruitment]

    Definently an interesting group idea with a good level of RP from the beginning. Really cannot wait to see this prosper and become official. i would love to see them become official
  • Nutgos

    Another year of survival.

    Michael holds down the PTT "Heh... Hope no Zeds heard those shots for ya" "In any case, lets see how many more days we have left on this shit planet... Hopefully not many for some" Michael takes a deep breath and laughs "Good luck Yuri."
  • Nutgos


                            Happy New Years!

    As usual at this point in time, i like to look back at everything that has happend in the year prior and take a second to just laugh to myself at all the good times i've had with people who i respect, care and love.


    But this year is different, i have found a community in which i like to be apart of after a long time of searching.

    Sure there's ups and downs, rude people, Metagamers, RDMs and all that... But the experience i get from the people who actually try to RP is something that i have been so amazed at that i actually have been awake for weeks on end trying to build my character and make an impact on other peoples stories.

    I apologize if i've done some RP that you did not enjoy, and i'm glad if i have made some RP you did enjoy. 

    With that said i hope to bring alot more to the table and continue to make an impact in other players stories, lets make 2020 the year where DayZRP got the love and prosperity it deserves.


    I nearly forgot to shoutout the people who i consider to be near top level of RPers.

    @Wynne For making my Characters story interesting, also the first encounter i've had on the server (Luckily!)

    @DenKserw for introducing me to the groups that would further help develop my character and his secretive ways of staying alive.

    @ImMason Haven't met you Ingame, but i've read your character page and your groups story. I cannot wait to finally run into you guys and experience the Hostile RP you may provide!

    @Vandire for letting me provide my take on Hostile RP and how i see it could be done instead of killing people whilst also letting me show a more friendly side of my character. My story would not be the same without you ❤️

    @Templeton Suede for providing my character with a Mentoring role, i do not honestly think the server would be the same without him.

    @DuquesneLR for just being a good RPer in general, haven't experienced anything i'd consider bad RP from his side so far and i look forward to more.


    Some Honerable Mentions:

    The Samaritans group

    Praetorian Guard



    @Maverick Cobalt



    Sorry if you feel left out, just the ones at the top of my head 😦

    I hope to be able to make an impact in everyones story and with that make some good RP with all of you.

    Let us all come together with a big toast to DayZRP, for all the bugs DayZ brings we still love the game and this server has done so much to bring all of us with an intend to make a story closer together with amazing staff working constantly on improving the community and experience for all of us to enjoy.

    I look forward to RPing again soon, may destiny let our characters cross paths once again.


    Sincerely  ~Andreas


    Sent from Denmark with love



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      Maverick Cobalt

      You beautiful man you!

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      You beautiful man you!

      no u 

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      Thanks alot! And thanks for the rp we have gotten so far!

  • Nutgos

    the end can be near

    Michael holds down the PTT sipping his Vodka "Hello fellow survivors of Chernarus, it is everyones friendly neighbourhood Michael Johnson here." A disturbing giggle can be heard from Michaels end of the radio "Ah well who am i kidding, most people who have met me either dislikes me or wants me killed." "I just had a thought cross my mind, does anyone know any place a man could get himself a drink in these times?" The sound of a bottle getting smashed can be heard "My alcohol supply is running low and i geniuenly do not want to stay sober for too long. It would make what i wish to do much easier." "If you do find any, catch me on frequency 87.8 and i can give you something pretty for it" "Best of luck to you all if i dont get any"
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