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  1. Vasily's voice come over the Radio "Mr Dean? Are you okay brat?" He listens in silence as the shots are going off "Three down... Dean if you hear this, contact me immidiately." Transmission end.
  2. BoyInABand...


  3. Lookin mighty fine lads, hope we meet ingame.
  4. You approve of this message yes?

    Sweet, Little, Unforgettable, Thing.

    This message was brought to you by the dumbest Dane in the world


    1. FaeLR


      go ahead yes GIF by The Resident on FOX

  5. I would like to go to Brazil. Because @Spess keeps trying to send me there anyways.
  6. Sorry but it's gonna be a -1 from me. I kind of like not having to become sick from playing my favorite game, which is why i have motion blur off.
  7. Good to see that it's back. Best of luck to you Niv!
  8. A Familiar Russian voice comes over the Radio, he could be recognized as Vasily "Priviet again Dean, good to hear you are doing good for yourself." "I willl possibly bring you supplies to help your settlement and definently be in touch." Transmission end.
  9. Vasily's voice comes through the radio, he sounds infuriated "Josef you have NO right to call for Russians and Chernarussians to fight alongside eachother, do not think i forgot your slanderous calls against me and my people." "You have not ONCE spoken on behalf of the betterment of the people so do not pretend that you are starting to care now, you only care about having control." "Control over those who you so foolishly call your Brothers and Sisters, control over men and women defending themselves, control over those who seek to protect what remains" "You are a traitor t
  10. I can see it now...

    "S1 - Berizeno - Twitch TOS & Slurs"

    Anticipation Popcorn GIF

    1. Conor
    2. NillerSB


      damn 1up me much

  11. @Anime EDMI don't get what the problem is.. You couldn't get your loot back after dying to a glitch? Find new. Gear isn't neccesarry to RP, just take a look at @K2U or @Niveousfor living proof. It prematurely ended the RP you were in? Wait out the timer and come up with an excuse like everyone else. Not able to find RP? Find a group to hang out with or make a Radio thread where you can active seek out others or have people seek you out. I know @Matt Chillas, @Drenand @AlkisLRhave something planned.
  12. Vasily's voice comes over the radio "Nicholai shut up blyat, of course there is no limit on car amount" "My comrades will show up with plenty of cars to wash Da?" "Just make sure there is plenty of barbeque for us, we are plenty of hungry men" Transmission end
  13. Now this looks very pog, best of luck boys.
  14. Idk when i'll be back, but a break from DayZRP is in order.

    Big thanks to the homies, i love every single one of you... Mostly @YAKMOUTH, @JRP , @AlkisLRand @Matt Chillas

    Wave Hello GIF by vrt



      Stop your coming with me!!!

    2. Novi


      No @ for ya boy?

      damn smh

  15. I've personally lost alot of the drive i had for DayZ and don't really have the luxury of wanting to play anymore, though i haven't seen anyone "tendie-ing" as it seems to be called. PKing is something that you and you alone choose, unless you massively NVFL and Staff takes it into their hands with the rule they added some time ago. As for leaving, i wouldn't want to speak on other people's behalf so i have no comment about that. But as far as i can tell it's not the server that's the root of the problem, it's all the toxicity that is spread within it's community. Anywho, h
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