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  1. @JRPis a massive cutie

    treat him well, or i be big angy

    angry dog GIF

  2. Cordis Aido members when the Chedaki asks "what did you say to me?"

    Here We Go Again GIF

    1. Earl


      @Lettuce @Cor @JuicyPlum and @Fallen_666s, is this true? 😂

    2. Lettuce


      ....noooo, what gave you that idea? 👀

      Pls don't shoot me 😭


  3. So, who wants to do a drunk DayZRP Crate opening stream next Friday? 🤔

    1. tz


      Happy Hour Smile GIF

  4. Except these ones actually give you something close to what you paid
  5. NillerSB

    The Boys

    The boys are back in town, the boys are back in town! Always a blast to Roleplay with y'all
  6. As it's a work in progress, no. When it is finished and fully optimized then im more then happy to give it a +1 though.
  7. Vasily's POV. I am in the first car (Yellow Sarka) to Arrive as we are driving down the dirt road leading to Zvir as we got told by some of our informants that there were people living there who had tried to kill them. We see a roadblock and decide to stop the car which makes the two men standing on the roof of the building to pull out their rifles, so we do the same. Tensions rise as we first ask, then demand that they open the gate so we can pass through. As "Mike Roy" hops down from the roof, comes out and starts fiddling with the combination lock we initiate on him and the rest initia
  8. 2 hours of sleep.

    Time to Roleplay yet again.

    1. Woodzie


      Imagine sleeping.

  9. Very excited to see this group ingame. Good luck!
  10. Since we dont have our own yet, this gets a +1 from me.
  11. Aw shucks, you makin me blush. pls stop it was some fun RP, the absolute chad @Final Banksyy & cutie @tz 's PKs made it very difficult for some of our characters to comprehend what the hell was going on. So definently looking forward to next time!
  12. Who are you? Jk, it was a good time homie. Glad you enjoyed the roleplay!
  13. No. If you are the victim of a rulebreak and you are not angry over it, you should always prioritize RP over reports.
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