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  1. Niller


                            Happy New Years!

    As usual at this point in time, i like to look back at everything that has happend in the year prior and take a second to just laugh to myself at all the good times i've had with people who i respect, care and love.


    But this year is different, i have found a community in which i like to be apart of after a long time of searching.

    Sure there's ups and downs, rude people, Metagamers, RDMs and all that... But the experience i get from the people who actually try to RP is something that i have been so amazed at that i actually have been awake for weeks on end trying to build my character and make an impact on other peoples stories.

    I apologize if i've done some RP that you did not enjoy, and i'm glad if i have made some RP you did enjoy. 

    With that said i hope to bring alot more to the table and continue to make an impact in other players stories, lets make 2020 the year where DayZRP got the love and prosperity it deserves.


    I nearly forgot to shoutout the people who i consider to be near top level of RPers.

    @Wynne For making my Characters story interesting, also the first encounter i've had on the server (Luckily!)

    @DenKserw for introducing me to the groups that would further help develop my character and his secretive ways of staying alive.

    @ImMason Haven't met you Ingame, but i've read your character page and your groups story. I cannot wait to finally run into you guys and experience the Hostile RP you may provide!

    @Vandire for letting me provide my take on Hostile RP and how i see it could be done instead of killing people whilst also letting me show a more friendly side of my character. My story would not be the same without you ❤️

    @Templeton Suede for providing my character with a Mentoring role, i do not honestly think the server would be the same without him.

    @DuquesneLR for just being a good RPer in general, haven't experienced anything i'd consider bad RP from his side so far and i look forward to more.


    Some Honerable Mentions:

    The Samaritans group

    Praetorian Guard



    @Maverick Cobalt



    Sorry if you feel left out, just the ones at the top of my head ?

    I hope to be able to make an impact in everyones story and with that make some good RP with all of you.

    Let us all come together with a big toast to DayZRP, for all the bugs DayZ brings we still love the game and this server has done so much to bring all of us with an intend to make a story closer together with amazing staff working constantly on improving the community and experience for all of us to enjoy.

    I look forward to RPing again soon, may destiny let our characters cross paths once again.


    Sincerely  ~Andreas


    Sent from Denmark with love



    1. edgy Maverick

      edgy Maverick

      You beautiful man you!

    2. Niller



      You beautiful man you!

      no u 

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    4. Earl


      Thanks alot! And thanks for the rp we have gotten so far!

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