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  1. Zrni making a Hostile group? This should be good, looks good as well, i wish you good luck with this homie.
  2. Niller

    christian bale dancing GIF omw to RP

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      Remember we are making a montage we need clips Lad.

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      Not anymore I guess 

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      This aged well

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      @SassyRPI swear man we can not have anything here 

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      How tf

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      He said some bad words in a private discord of 6 peeps.

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      Cool it with the anti-semitic remarks.

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      @Kermieniller is innocent because I said so 0D4DE355-90DA-4AC3-A1F9-4BC741F25AE2.jpeg.98c7c81fb259e72db8d0fc32763d151b.jpeg

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  3. Hello i'm a part of that portion, the thing is there is many kinds of food in DayZ, many of which can go bad and be unedible after a while. That certainly wont change, but with the shortage there'll perhaps be some competition and spread of such places, like we had last lore. Why would you buy a Survival game if you don't like surviving....? All of which will still be possible, and more incentive to explore to find more canned goods to hold onto. They're surviving in any case like normal, but they have to more thoughtful of what they do and how they go about doing it, which will hopefully immerse people more and by extension not only make the game ever-so-slightly more difficult, but also hopefully give people more incentive to talk / trade items & food or rob em for it so we can get some tension in an otherwise extremely stale server dynamic. So uh, no? It doesn't alienate anyone.
  4. @Kermie can i keep this guy? Seriously though, i've made that same argument in the past and seen it used before. Don't see why you'd "cop flak" for sharing your genuine viewpoint on a topic, but who knows. The fact that we thought the same thing should say alot about the current state of what happens ingame. Truly, a fucking terrifying thought. Decrease canned food spawns, increase seed spawns, already there it'll at least change the dynamic of how food is gotten, prepared and kept to a certain degree. Not perfect, but like trying to quit smoking, cutting down slowly is a part of the process. Yes..... Just yes.
  5. Personally i see a good opportunity to make those peaky .308 rifles & plateys high-risk - high reward with the gas. Coat a decent size, somewhat remote military base / camp with it and make it spawn the higher tier items, so that the rest of the map can spawn less high tier items. @Realize i beg you.
  6. Pavel grew up in the rough part of Moscow with his brothers and sisters and from an early age adopted the Gopnik life. He went around the neighbourhood with his people, Makarov in one hand, Vodka in the other, and made sure the people of Moskva knew who ran the streets, while people were fucking in their sheets. It wasn't always easy though, without a stable income and resorting to stealing from others left him with lots of guilt as he grew older and wiser and all those emotions rushed over him when the virus came Having access to the internet at his favorite restaurant Chemodan, he put on a VPN and read an article about a place called Nyheim. Pavel decided he wanted to start a new life, a better life, where he could make a change. So he stole a car, and kept driving, only stopping to refuel or steal another car, until he reached the surrounding area of Nyheim.
  7. another reason that DayZRP doesn't feel like a survival game with Roleplay elements, but rather a Second Life lobby. Personally i'd also like to see traders removed, but community no want that because hard game =/= fun even though DayZ is supposed to be difficult. But i digress, another reason to lower food spawn i guess.
  8. Don't people need at least 10 hours ingame to join the server? Should've probably realized starving & fighting for food is part of the game by then. Which, you wont be if you find / hunt / trade / rob for the food instead of finding it in practically every corner of the map. I'm pretty sure that in DayZ, you already loose hunger faster if you're cold / wet, so uh, yeah, turn the heat down... Map is in northern Norway after all.
  9. Title says it all, DayZRP doesn't feel like DayZ at this point since you barely get hungry and when you do there's cans of food & salt sticks in essentially every 2nd or 3rd crashed car like everybody was going to a picnic. Revert survival mechanics to vanilla pls.
  10. Already been suggested, no, i'd not like useless shit laying on the floor when it's used up as it will A) Do nothing B) Cause more lag in Hubs.
  11. no lol if you make a base you need to protect it ICly, also when i'm raiding im Online so
  12. Uaz sinks into ground, car covers stink. Remove until shit fixed, +1
  13. This is a thing? lmao, alright, uhh... Having pictures for a character is kinda weirdchamp in the first place, nice, but weird, so yeah i don't see an issue with letting people wear masks. We just had 2 years of wearing one mandatorily IRL, and it wasn't a problem for us back when Myself & @LaterDays were doing Chistyy so i don't see why it would hurt now. +1
  14. Doors. A car has 5 doors, 4 wheels, houses are full of doors, apartments are full of doors, ciffins have doors, closets have doors, drawers are doors with wheels, ect.
  15. Hello, its very poggers to see this is back. Where do i apply?
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