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  1. Was geniuenly suprised about the level of detail the roster of this group put into their characters. I always love a good story, and even more so spending 3 hours holding a gunshot @Cactorrio I wish you good luck on getting accepted, and even more so surviving all the offline raids
  2. Theo listens carefully to the people conversing over the Radio "Interesting to say the least. Contact me on Frequency 162.7 hz" The radio would return to static
  3. Theo puts down his rifle up against the wall, pressing the PTT "We were negotiating and had security around the city, and then Noah and his quote on quote partner pulled guns on us and got shot." "We are not responsible for what happened tonight, everything that happened tonight could have been avoided if they didn't try to hold us up." Theo tosses the radio onto the sleeping bag listening to the frequency
  4. Let's all just do some... Grape RP That sure sounds like a Grape Idea, let's just hope that all the other Grape people are Grape-ful for our RP and shitty humor
  5. im not a part of this, but okay.
  6. Theo lets out a sigh "No honor among thieves" Theo shakes his head and rests
  7. Radio would come to life "Stay around the area... I'll be near Vybor soon." "contact me on frequency 114.17"
  8. A suprised voice comes over the radio "Are you talking about me being a good doctor's patient? Because then you are surely mistaking." "Now if you're talking about Kane, please do explain further on frequency 92.1 i am interested in learning more." Theo releases the button on his Radio and listens
  9. a slurping sound can be heard for a bit before a voice starts speaking "There are plenty of people alive mate. Russian Military, a supposed Terrorist group, Ordinary people." "Also plenty of people awake, some of us seem to never sleep." "If you want to meet people, head to either Khelm or Lopatino castle. They're probably some of the most genuine people i've met." the radio would cut back to static
  10. a big sigh can be heard "There are two Nothern Airfields. North West Airfield, and Krasnotav Airfield." "If you can tell me which one of those two you are at, i'll come and keep you company."
  11. A soft yet firm voice comes over the radio "Gotta be more specific mate, which airfield? North or South side?" "You need anything? You sick?" "Like c'mon man, you can't just expect everyone to come running to every airfield and especially not if you're feeling sick." Theo would put down his radio and continue to cook his food
  12. A tired and exhausted voice would flow over the frequency "Hello? I sure as shit hope this works." "A day or two ago i was at the Lopatino Castle with some friends of mine, we had heard of a gunfight happening and went up to give our support to the people that lived there" "While we were there, two wounded people came up and required immediate medical attention." "I am now looking for one of those people, he told me people called him Theo." "He's about 180 cm tall, White skin... Almost pale, has brown hair and was wearing a white shirt." "My reasoning for reaching out is simple, i want to make sure that he survived" A short pause would follow "i'd hate to see him go, he seemed like a genuine all around good guy." The radio would then fall silent, as Theo waits for a response he might not get.
  13. we dont have alot of experience or talent in making graphics, but we'll look into it
  14. Ah yes, it is time to reclaim Stary from the infected and set up shop for the hungry. and kill everyone who tries to get in our way
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