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  1. I am subject 1. I was aboard the bus with my friends when we come across this white coated gentleman. Through conversating to find out who he was, his Russian accent set off some raw RP feelings as we had quite a few run ins with the RAC operating around Chernarus. We tied him up and began to interrogate him about the possibility of being involved with the RAC in which we were able to discern he was not a member of nor aiding the group. I did notice however, and I ask that its looked into that Juri's responses were very short and had a large number of vastly unnatural pauses. I didnt understand why until watching the recording provided by the OP. At 11:47 you can hear he was in communication with someone via discord telling him to respond to a question being asked by Subject 2 which doesnt make sense as when he was tied up, his radio was stripped from his body. As the dust settled, we dropped him off inside a bar (Kamenka, I believe) with food, water and the means to defend himself. The opinions of my characters perception of what he was smelling was a nod to several conversations I have about the personal hygiene during a time where running water and antiseptics are scarce.
  2. I think its great that feelings are being considered especially in this day and age, but on the flip side, I see this veering away more and more from replicating a real life post apocalyptic world where anything goes. I dont support hate but this seems a little too billowy of a safe space, a far shot away from real, immersive, and gritty roleplay.
  3. iswearimjapanese

    I love fishing.

    Lowkey this is art.
  4. I gazed over to my compatriots cobbled together in the KAMAZ with me. The previously agreed upon task was clear, plunder and rifle the nearby bar in search of future transport and ammunition that would help remedy the infected’s presence in our travels. A GAZ flung passed us and our driver spun around. The vehicles came to meet one one another as I called out. I instructed the gentleman to dismount which they moved at a lethargic rate. I asked to see some identification as my friends engulfed the surroundings of the two men. The men were slow to be responsive to my commands. I received the first ID and shortly set it on the ground in character hallucinating due to the high dosage I previously snorted in game. I set forward asking the second man for his ID and felt he took a suspiciously long time. I exclaimed how strange it was this man was so quiet and how long it was taking for him to produce a simple form of ID. Finally, the card was held out by the second man which read “Finn Richtofen”. I noticed Preston Waters’ frazzled demeanor was set off by the man’s german heritage. Preston, showed in character PTSD from run ins with German cannibals in the past. He aimed his rifle ordering the men’s hands up. The men are directed to face the truck and are systematically tied up, one in handcuffs and the other in a rope that with little will could be slipped out to assist his cuffed friend when we were gone. I snatched communication devices and tossed them to the ground. I further directed the men off the treacherous road and into a safe ditch. Behind me, Stanley Burke attempted to destroy the comm. devices. With a town that lay short of a quarter of a mile’s distance, I ordered the men look to a nearby tree and I swang a blunt object knocking them out. I confirmed they were alive from receiving the non-lethal blow and a quick triage of the area told there were no infected in sight. My friends and I left knowing the men were safe. A minute reached full extension driving away from the incident where a make shift roadblock of a beaten up truck lie momentarily ahead where indistinct shouting called out as we maintained full speed. Aiming at a clear opening in the road, we pushed through the roadblock with ease while a few shots rang out. It’s my opinion that it seemed very strange how the roadblock was ready ambush us. I feel its very possible the two men that were robbed may have been meta-gaming to contact their friends. Sorry about about the length of the previous post, I just a little excited about roleplay.
  5. This is absolutely not a meme or a joke. This is a very detailed report of my RP experience being fully immersed in roleplay while giving an exact account of my recollection. I understand it could take a minute to read but there were a lot of layers to the situation. All due respect.
  6. With you being shot at in the same car as @OblivionCross, how would that make sense that anyone could have suspected you being in cahoots with the shooter? Even with the evidence above where you said"08:20:48 | Chat("Pedro Santiago": // shaking in real life XD had me scared". It seemed your life was just as in danger as @OblivionCross.
  7. Negative, when I finally arrived. Eperry was standing in under the open part of the bridge and volunteered with no prompting to be checked for weapons and proceeded to put his hands up. This confused me cause in no way did I think he was in cahoots with the shooter or a hostile and it is my belief this was a successful attempt to bait my group into an open area where we would be vulnerable to attack without any direct interaction.
  8. Server and location: S1 Large Bridge Southwest of Turovo Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 07/07/20 Approximately 1AM PST Your in game name: Winslow Smulders Names of allies involved: Nathaniel Hodgettes, Preston Waters Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): GAZ Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N\A Detailed description of the events: After helping Preston and a newly met gentleman whos name I didn't catch get his truck out of a stuck position, Nathaniel and I went to look for a little bit of food while Preston headed up the road in the vehicle that was freed. After some time and distance, Nathaniel and I heard several rapid shots. I called the over radio and was informed someone was shooting at the vehicle Preston was in a ways up. Nathaniel and I rushed up to the bridge area where we linked up with Preston safely. Finally getting there, as soon as I walked up to the vehicle to see if Preston and his new friend were ok, I collapsed suddenly from what had to be a long distance sniper shot. I was not initiated on, nor do I have any idea who could have shot me as I had zero interaction with anyone who could even be relatively construed as hostile in hours.
  9. I think its not too beyond a stretch to think that that in a high tensity situation, we arent trying to sit and tell jokes. We were fully immersed in creating a true to life robbery situation.
  10. We did our best keep interactive during your side's imprisonment while actively raiding. When we say we understand how the roleplay wasn't the most dazzling experience, that's us being open and receptive to how we can improve ourselves as being part of this community and cordial to our fellow players. You can trust, that in no way did we want to keep you there any longer than we had to as there was multiple doors to had to break through.
  11. What was the correct play then? Should we have executed people from clearly disobeying the first time? No, I feel execution was not the move it was understood going in on this job that we were to obtain a handful of specific items and keep any hostages safe. As many hostages as there was, it took longer than expected to sort them out and keep them under control. We were in character and fully taking the situation seriously with immersive RP while the hostages laughed and talked about TV show like this wasn't a situation where their life could be cut short at any moment. That's bad RP to me. 3.2 Your character must behave realistically and appropriately to the different situations you participate in, keeping the current world situation and context of post-apocalyptic world in mind. Do not act in a way that indicates no value for your characters life and survival. For example, attempting to kill people when heavily outnumbered, excessively talking back or insulting someone when taken hostage, or knowingly running into an area of active hostile engagement when not involved in the fight. Characters found guilty of breaking this rule will be permanently marked as dead.
  12. We arrived at the Berezino pub looking to rob it as its well known that the bar has luxury items we could benefit from. We were greeted by about 6 people which we proceeded to hold up, and restrain. We started to break through the door while performing crowd control. A certainty that this area has very high foot traffic dictated we keep the hostages corralled and quiet as to ensure our survival that no one nearby would have reason to investigate. Due to a slip during the door bashing, the robbery was unfortunately prolonged. The hostages were looked after, fed, and watered systematically to make sure our hostages were healthy and safe. An issue that kept happening is that the hostages were told repeatedly to remain silent after they consistently chattered as if they were not in a high tension situation. As we were trying to push along, the immersion of a high stakes robbery was regularly broken by people who didn't value their bodily integrity and life. Things became tense when a global radio frequency was sent out during the robbery which came from "outside" the bar, from a source that didn't bother to confirm what was going on inside the building, which leads me to think one of the hostages may have been speaking to people over discord or a third party software to relay what was going on inside the bar. When it was all said and done, the hostages were unharmed and three of us were shot during egress which was a world class spanking to say the least. (Good shot btw.) It is regrettable the OP and those involved feel the rp wasn't incredibly exciting but our characters felt the nervousness and stress from the overwhelming situation in progress to drive our actions. We spoke in the help desk to attempt to hash things out and were able to hear the perspective of the hostages which was inciteful on how we can improve the experience should we roleplay in this style going forward.
  13. I want to drop the report, all involved said they didnt slap that lock on the shed and im inclined to believe em. I had not realized one of my members came in contact with anyone changing this whole deal up. Good work on the huge score dudes and thank you to the admin for your time.
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