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  1. Will do! BTW do I need to re-apply to be whitelisted again?
  2. How you guys doing! Been a while since my last visit. Over a year to be exact... Just giving a holler to the people from back then and eventually hoping to have a nice time
  3. Here goes my IRL supply list... Clothing: Hiking boots, preferably Asolo TPS for durability. Camouflaged pants + jacket. Thermal undershirt + tight pants, just in case it gets really cold. Cap. Sunglasses - Rudy Project. 3 pairs of socks/underwear. Hygiene: A bar of soap. Toothbrush. Toilet paper. Notebooks (for when the TP runs out). Supplies: A 3 Liter camel hump. Two, 1 Liter, canteens. A small cooking pot. Swiss army knife. Spork. Matches. A ball pen. Compass. Chargeable flashlight. A 50.L backpack (Preferably 'Gregory') A light ammmo vest. Food: Dried meat/fruit. Canned fish/fruit. A manual for edible wild plants. Weapons: AK-47 (Modernized) with a mounted Reflex/ACOG sight + 7 mags. Machete. A Ka-Bar or 'Tom Brown Tracker' knife. Colt 1911 + 4 mags. Miscellaneous: A carton of cigarettes.
  4. Very much so! Thanks Diggy!
  5. Could I have multiple characters? If so, how exactly does it work? If not, is there some sort of alternative like a name change or something?
  6. Personally, going solo for a while now kept me alive for over 3 weeks now. It really depends on how you play. Caution is the key, if you're moving through the countryside, try to avoid settlements and open fields. Try to move through the forests and if you reach open ground, do a quick scan of the perimeter up ahead. In more urban areas, try to move along alleyways and walls of buildings. Loot runs should be quick and quiet. Try to find a route which is both quick and out of sight. There are a lot of variables, but if you mind the basics you should be fine.
  7. Saw this YouTube series of a guy called PhishTV.
  8. Kudos on the bump dude. I like the idea. And as for my 2 cents, I believe the lore should ripple out of Chernarus to surrounding nations - Russia, Takistan, etc.. with an exception of the more "significant" countries such as UK, US, China, in other words, any country regarded as a superpower and or has a strong military/economy. Other, smaller, countries should IMO be described on a continental/regional scale. For example: Instead of elaborating on Serbia, Bosnia etc... you could include the bulk of the Balkan countries and write general stuff. Same goes with Africa.
  9. If they could make the chloroforming be like the blood transfusion that could be interrupted if the player moves, then it would be much better IMO. If they could add a text to it like "A wet rag is being pressed against your face..." or something along what I suggested on page 1, then I think it'll be much MUCH better.
  10. Kidding aside tho', shouldn't we act to minimize such occurances, Instead of just saying "Oh well..."?
  11. @Sin, Chloroform maybe rare, but that's still not enough to guarantee fair play. I mean, what if a guy that doesn't value RP like the rest of us gets his hands on it. You still end up with people who'll get chloroformed without any real RP involved.
  12. If the person puts enough chloroform on the rag, it doesn't matter how strong you are, i believe. I think he means realistically if you went up to 300Ibs guy and your like 120 the chance of you getting a rag over his mouth from the front is unlikely Yea that's pretty much right...
  13. Yeah well, in real life you don't have an an invisible button you could press and snap the other guy unconscious. You'd probably need to sneak up on the guy from behind, or be a LOT stronger than to come at him from the front (this being a very grey area, whose character is physically stronger). If they did have like some process for it with several messages popping up on your screen, something like: 1) "a damp rag is being pressed against your face" 2) "you start feeling woozy" 3) "you're unconscious" All of the above should take several seconds giving you a small window to counter the effect.