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  1. MadDecent

    S1/Dolina/ NVFL - Avoiding RP - Massive OOC - Meta-Gaming

    - User has been warned for this post -
  2. MadDecent

    S1/Dolina/ NVFL - Avoiding RP - Massive OOC - Meta-Gaming

    It's interesting that you, a guy with a backstory where he "ran for his life" from a threat shot a unarmed individual on sight for doing the same. Nice empathy... also OOC for you I'd think.
  3. MadDecent

    S1/Dolina/ NVFL - Avoiding RP - Massive OOC - Meta-Gaming

    I stream to capture fun or interesting moments. I highlight those moments, I remove past broadcasts constantly to prevent meta gaming and especially for showing our bases padlock code for entry. Also, I don't see how this has anything to do with case of my interaction with these other players.
  4. MadDecent

    DayZRP 19.6.4

    Will there be more of a notice in the future to users that this type of drastic wipe will come?
  5. MadDecent

    S1/Dolina/ NVFL - Avoiding RP - Massive OOC - Meta-Gaming

    My POV: I died minutes before this in another area to an infected horde. I accidentally respawned as someone who looked very OOC and was looking for an infected to get myself killed so I can respawn as my persona. Right where I spawned were these hostile dudes who were probably shooting infected. I approached the area to find infected to kill myself to respawn. Before I could do that I was quickly swarmed by suspicious armed men. I panicked and ran from them. They were shooting directly in my direction. I didn’t stop or say anything because why would anyone stop when two or three armed men were chasing you? I ran away hoping they saw that I was a fresh spawn of no threat and would leave me alone. I wanted out of the situation once I got an unsettling feeling after seeing the guys (guns out, one with a jackolantern on his head), ESPECIALLY after hearing a creepy serial killer sounding voice from one of them. The armed killers muttered “Dude get him”, "Get back here" w/ a demented laugh, "put your hands up or I’ll shoot ya". These aren’t exactly what friendly people say. It was obvious a robbery to me and I wanted out. I believe I was in character and trying to survive by removing himself from a group of hostiles. Who would stop in this situation and have a chat if it were to happen to them in the real world? Not I, not you. I’m new to DayZRP and If my actions of not speaking to a threat were breaking a rule, I will note this for next time.
  6. MadDecent

    George Junger's Adventures

    Just a personal photographic journal of various encounters in my home of Chernarus.
  7. George Jünger is born and raised in Elektrozavodsk. He is a 37-year-old single male, an electrical engineer who enjoyed reading, swimming and cooking... That is before the outbreak. Living as an electrical engineer in Elektrozavodsk gave a hard work ethic and sense of brotherhood that he cherishes to this day. Since then, George slowly turned into a soldier, a survivor, a helpful hand in need. His reluctance to trust people has proven to be am asset for surviving living within Chernarus. His friends are only the closest of close. People in his network need to be proven survivors, soldiers, hard workers, and most importantly trustworthy. Ultimately I'd like to start a commune of likeminded survivors. Only people we can trust and people that rely on. Outsiders will have to ultimately be vetted strongly or cut off entirely. It's all about what is best for our tribe.
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