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  1. Mike Jager Started his life being the son of one of the biggest mob bosses in all of Chicago he was the song of no but the very only Vinny Jager The leader of the Lupo Family/Mafia He was one of the most bad ass bosses out there and had ran over 800 million dollars of anything and everything you could think of he had the whole city on lock down and one day he pissed off the wrong people as the door almost breaking off the door down with the knocks Mike sits on the sofa as his dads body guards open the door they get blown away by a shotgun right infront of Mike and as Vinny (Mikes dad) walks out the guys beat him over and over again right infront of Mike so at the age of 10 years old Mike picked up one of his dads many guns around the house and pulls the trigger and blows away the 3 guys that are beating his father but it was too late Mike knew what he had to do his dad kept a notebook on his person everywhere he went and it had all the names of the top dogs everywhere that was the enemies and all the allies of the family at the age of 10 years old Mike had the ropes of a whole Mafia under him and he did just that his uncle helped him run everything and they grew even bigger then anyone could imagine they has export and import locked down to a T, had the whole police force working with them enough for them to know nothing about what was going on. So it began... At the age of 20 years old Mike set out with that book and went to find out who tried to kill his dad that night when he was so young. He went and killed every single person on that list other then 3 and he still to this day has never found them. but Mikes life took a turn for the better when Elise came into his life. She pulled him away from the work all the time and showed him that it could be if you just get away sometimes so a day before Mike Jager turned 25 Elise told him she was pregnant with his child and that changed mikes world forever. Mike decided it was time to move cities and make a life with his beautiful Wife Elise and his soon to be Son. So they moved to this new city seeking peace and quite for once. But little does he know what he is getting himself into.
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