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  1. DayZRP Community Memes

    So basically this thread is doomed to be the refuge for shitposts until the end of time. Fuck.
  2. DayZRP Community Memes

    @Rolle I take it back, you should have let it die with at least some dignity.
  3. DayZRP Community Memes

    God fucking damn it Rolle, you need to give us cunts more notice so we can prepare memes that aren't shit.
  4. What's the plan for the map?

    Agreed, but as long as it is anything but Chernarus people will like it. Would be a massive pain in the ass as The Game doesn't recognize that it is the same map but with different colour schemes. So you would have to change the map entirely which would cause issues with loot spawns, persistence and would undoubtedly make a whole massive amount of bugs along the way.
  5. So recently I did a complete wipe of my computer due to me changing my operating system and now when I come back a lot of the Server Group Icons are not appearing. I did a quick a google search and 90% of it doesn't help at all as it is for server owners. For reference this is what it looks like. And yes, I have hit that reload button down the bottom.
  6. What's your PC build?

    Recently just did a full rebuild (minus the GPU) My C Drive is my boot disk, D drive is for priority games (Rainbow 6 siege and For Honor) and my E drive is just all the other shit. I was going to have a 2TB drive for more random shit but it was an old drive that I had never used before and it failed 1 day after I put it into my comp. Feels bad man. I'm also running everything at 2560x1440 @144hz.
  7. DayzRP's dead. Move to VineRP

    The first line of your thread says "DayZRP will not recover" and the title is "dayzRP is dead", so yeah, if you're wondering where I got the idea that this thread was created just to bitch about that then there you go. Also as that is the topic I would say that what I have said so far has been pretty on topic. Now if you want an actual solution here is one, time. We need to wait and see. For all we know this could be the point where DayZRP becomes more like how it was back in mod. Or, this could be the beginning of the end, we'll just have to wait and see. I admittedly haven't looked into VineRP too much so I wont make much of a comment on it other than it is different and new, so who knows where it could go? I do hope we see a rise in population when things like Desolation come out. I'm personally really excited and I know a lot of other people are. It could end up like all the other side projects or it could thrive. We dont know, so why dont we wait a month (hopefully sooner) or two for it to come out and then we can truly get a grasp of what the community has become.
  8. DayzRP's dead. Move to VineRP

    Says the one who made a thread to specifically bitch about how dayzrp is dying because some cunts got themselves banned. They you have the audacity to blame it on Rolle and provide no useful suggestions what so ever.
  9. DayzRP's dead. Move to VineRP

    OK well maybe if we did follow your suggestion of having Jim run VineRP, ever stop to think that Jim didn't like what he saw so he, like Rolle, doesn't want those people in the community that you suggested he ran? Your suggestion made zero sense. EDIT: Jim has now said he wouldn't mind those people being in Vine, so that is something for them to discuss.
  10. DayzRP's dead. Move to VineRP

    Implying that Jim wasnt also a massive target during all of this.
  11. DayzRP's dead. Move to VineRP

    No it is not, most of those people acted like childish cunts so why would any community want people like that? There is an imgur album somewhere where it shows what they all did. 90% of it revolves around racism and nazi's as well as straight up photos of peoples ballsacks. How can you try and defend that?
  12. DayzRP's dead. Move to VineRP

    Why are you still here then? - User was warned for this comment-
  13. DayzRP's dead. Move to VineRP

    I certainly would but not so sure about many others. Arma 3 is a much more demanding game spec wise and Arma 3 was never designed as a survival game. However, if deso redux has things like ACE and TFR then it will be infinity better than DayZSA.
  14. Arma 3 Contractors

    As I said before, At first when I had 50k I wanted to buy the Warrior, also 50k but it wouldnt let me, saying i had 0. Then I got a paycheck, and got 15k, and then I could buy the warrior. Quote from my original post: " 1. fog/sandstorms: " So yeah, I thought it was both fog and/or sandstorm, I even included a screenshot of it. So you could have looked at that one and corrected me. So my original criticism stands. As I said before, I stated my problem, showed a screenshot but you chose not to look at it and correct me but instead u acted like the ass, that is not my fault.