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  1. Thanks for the luck and tips, I will totally stay active on the forums, especially the Bio pages because those are fucking epic! Anyways but yea thanks for the info and I hope I get to meet you all in game and will most likely shoot you all some PM's (get it.... shoot). Yea okay that was just sad. But yah thanks a ton! Rover692 (Yuri 'Keiser' Volkov)
  2. So I applied to the whitelist and am super excited to find out if I can get in but was just curious on how long it took before you at least got anything back telling you if you are accepted or not. It is more of a curiosity thing and I am pretty much just super excited and nervous. So yah, if anyone could post how long it took before they got any information back that would be nice! Rover692 (Yuri 'Keiser' Volkov)
  3. Thanks a ton dude! and I hope to see you on the server soon!
  4. Hello everyone, I recently applied for the whitelist and can't wait to see how it plays out! Anyways, I decided that I wanted to record a series of videos if I do get accepted so I can post my journey and experience on youtube. So I make music, or at least try, and I wanted to make an into/outro song for my series. So I figured if I wanted some feedback I could just post It here! Also my original post : http://www.dayzrp.com/t-just-applied-for-whitelist--36055 Anyways thanks for your time and enjoy the song! Song Link :
  5. Wow I like this because compared to the rules it gives some scenarios and actions you can take in those instances. Nice guide!
  6. Thanks everyone! And I will certainly stay active!
  7. Hello everyone! Just applied for the whitelist and I really hope I can join in and be a great member of the RP community! If you want my character's backstory here it is! Enjoy! I, Yuri was once a proud owner of Volkov Industries. This company, inherited from my father Elexi, was in the business of building, buying, and selling guns and ammunition. Then, the zombie outbreak hit, I was lucky to have a bunker with food, water, survival gear, and textiles. I wrote every day, in my journal, about what i could hear through the locked door. The horror of it all, I remember the knocking of a man and his family outside but I had a family of my own to look after. My wife Anna begged me to let them in but i was not about to risk all that we went through for 4 helpless people. I remember the screams and covering my son's ears to attempt to shroud him from the horror. But I could not deny reality. A few months past and we ventured out side. The entire area was desolated and I grabbed my gun to look around. My family stayed behind, a mistake I should have never over looked. The zombies. They got in. I killed them all, there were only 3... It was then that I knew. My family was dead, and I left an outcast in the vast hell hole of Chernaurus. I buried them out side the back of the house... but before that... I had to finish the job. I had been one of the worlds most notorious gun dealers, a hardened criminal. But no man should have to put bullets into the heads of the ones they loved. A few weeks passed and I was beginning to run out of supplies so I took what little food, water, and ammunition I had, and of course my journal embedded with a picture of my dead family. I took my gear. And I set out among the dead, waiting... for a new journey. Hope you enjoyed, Yuri 'Keiser' Volkov