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  1. I walked up to NWAF with 3 others in my group. We walked in towards the south side and went up to the three story building as we saw someone in it. We found @ImMason who informed us that the 5.0.3 was being broken into and asked if we wanted to help defend it. We agreed and ran over. We went to go say 'hi' and were greeted with immediate shots without initiation. Two of us died since we weren't expecting them to shoot and I ran in with Noah and @ChrisVC in order to take cover. Chris started repeatedly crashing. When we got in the bunker there was stuff all over the place piled up and empty tents outside (as pictured above). I stayed in there with Noah and @lunathecat once she arrived. However, my group and I got there after the griefing had already been done and over with.
  2. POV: I was standing around with everyone whilst a conversation was being had. We heard @JoahVC and @AidanVC initiate to the other two around back over the radio. I heard @OpticVC start to initiate followed by @Red_. I then started to initiate and right after I said "hands" shots started flying to my left at @OpticVC and then at me as you can see in the video Evan has provided. I then stopped as shots were coming at my group and I. I already 'attempted' to initiate and tried to shoot at the guy in the orange raincoat and got ghost bullets galore, and I then fell over and died
  3. POV I walked up to GM with @Red_ and was talking to Luke. Red, Luke and I were all cold and I had moved food into my jacket to warm up and I assumed everyone else had as well. My associates came up and initiated at which point we all moved inside. I had stood outside for a bit of time before being asked to go inside and watch the hostages. As I got up there the hostages informed me they were all freezing, which @Red_ and I then started to take all the food we had and put it on them. They informed me that it wouldn't be enough and that they needed a fire. I then proceeded to go outside with one of their axes and get firewood after being a bit concerned as I wasn't sure if there was a tree within the compound. As I go back inside after crafting a fire place I take a minute to figure out where to place it as they were all tied up and I didn't want any of them to die from the fire. While I was about to place the fire and light it is when the hostage @BackInNam died. While I was outside I did not see the //OOC messages otherwise I would have acted faster in making sure they were taken care of and not about to die from the cold. Also, since they were inside I did not think very much of them about to be freezing to death.
  4. Izzy Moon POV: I was out traveling with @tossVCand @MrNiceGuy957. We were all a bit low on supplies and Toss had informed us that there was two guys traveling around. I then gave my gun to Toss due to the fact that he didn't have one and I stayed back in a house. A bit later MrNiceGuy radioed me telling me it was ok to come down and meet back up with them. I then proceeded down the road and took a few things but made sure to leave them with the essentials. After a few minutes of us all meeting up we moved out. I did not speak during the interaction as I was not in the initial RP and only came down to meet back up with everyone.
  5. *Pushed down the PTT happy to hear Ryan got her message* "I am actually close by, I can head there now. Will probably take about 15 minutes." *She would release the PTT*
  6. *pushes the PTT in hopes someone will answer* " If anyone can hear me, my name is Izzy. I am looking for a guy named Ryan in a light blue armband. Last time I saw him was at a summer camp all the way in the west and know he was around the Wolf Pack. He did not tell me the name of his group, so I am unsure. So, if someone out there or Ryan hear this, I would just like to meet up and apologize." *she would lean back and sigh as she releases the PTT*
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