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  1. *Pushed down the PTT happy to hear Ryan got her message* "I am actually close by, I can head there now. Will probably take about 15 minutes." *She would release the PTT*
  2. *pushes the PTT in hopes someone will answer* " If anyone can hear me, my name is Izzy. I am looking for a guy named Ryan in a light blue armband. Last time I saw him was at a summer camp all the way in the west and know he was around the Wolf Pack. He did not tell me the name of his group, so I am unsure. So, if someone out there or Ryan hear this, I would just like to meet up and apologize." *she would lean back and sigh as she releases the PTT*
  3. My name is Izzy Moon. I am 21 years old. I can be shy but fierce. It takes me a while to sometimes warm up to people(depends on the vibe they give me) but once I get to know them, it is a bit difficult to get me to stop talking. I am from New Jersey and had just graduated from college. I was a Finance intern for a big international company. I find myself trying to keep to myself but sometimes getting into a bit of trouble. I have very few close friends and the rest I consider friends but do not necessarily want to talk/spend time with them. I decided to take a break from reality and travel a bit to celebrate my achievements. Chernarus was the second stop in my trip and that is when the outbreak took place and have been here ever since.
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