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  1. Scooter


    Hi, I haven't really played in depth in a few years and am looking to come back and have a look at what has happened somewhat casually. Hoping to have as much fun as I used to. Thanks.
  2. Hi Deg I remember you You're welcome
  3. Thank you for your service!

    1. Scooter


      No no no, thank you

  4. -WIP- Born in Michigan, Jordan is a proud member of the National Rifle Association and found himself in South Zagoria to survey the wildlife to write for a local magazine in association with the Department of Natural Resources. With the vast wildlife and rolling forests, Jordan hopes to set up a home somewhere and ride out the storm before hopefully making his way back to the Great Lakes and lead his happy life in freedom. Jordan is very distrustful of anyone claiming to be the government or denying him his second amendment rights and takes Sundays (The Lord's Day) to rest and pray to Almighty God.
  5. This ^ I haven't played in a year or two nor do I check the forums anymore but I would go hype for it. Just recently spoke to a few guys from mod that I still keep in touch with and they said they'd definitely come back and wished they would've known that this was going to happen. I know there was an email sent out that mentioned it, but it didn't catch my eye as the main header of the email was about SA 0.63. I feel like if another email was sent out saying something like "DAYZRP RETURNING TO MOD" was sent out that would catch a lot of old players eyes instead and further persuade them to come back. @Roland
  6. I never got that GPS back... :( i have life now come join :))))))))))))))
  7. Here's my update history: What would you recommend rolling back to?
  8. Yes I even selected it to use the dedicated GPU only and the same error still popped up.
  9. Downloaded and installed the linked updater This popped up: So I'm assuming my DirectX is up to date. Tried to launch the game and I get the same error.
  10. Yeah the link you gave me is an audio file explaining all of the new changes to DX at a press conference and the other half of the download is a presentation about why DX11 is great Gone through every page of that thread already and none of the suggested issues are what I have. As you can see as well all of the people having trouble with the enfusion engine had trouble with it like 2 years ago which is definitely not the case with me Yes, actually I'm assuming you're talking about a windows update?
  11. Thank you Apparently to open the file I have to buy Microsoft office, so I'll be doing that tomorrow and I'll see if it works. I appreciate it
  12. Very flawlessly actually Pretty sure I tried this earlier, attempted again and still getting the same error
  13. I do have Geforce Experience Here's my basic specs: Yeah it's a laptop but it's never had any problems running things in the past
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't DayZ been on DX11 for quite a while now? Like I'm pretty sure it was DX11 the last time I was playing and there was no issue. May of last year was the last time I played DayZ I believe.
  15. Hello @Josei Yes I have an Nvidia GeForce 860M which is working perfectly fine. I'm able to run all of my games smoothly, it's just DayZ that won't launch.
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