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  1. My characters name is Cleetus Bigsby, he is from the United States and lived on the Southern East Coast, he got in tons of fights in high school and got into doing and selling drugs, after getting caught selling some drugs and catching a break with family friend cop he realized wasn't going down a good path so he decided to join the Army immediately after high school to have a chance to travel and learn discipline and a trade. He soon volunteered for deployment and was not told exactly where he was going but heard through rumors that a deadly virus was popping up in a old Soviet-Republic country by the name of Chernarus that was rumored to be worse than Ebola, so the CDC and NATO was stepping and sending troops to keep order. Soon after arrival in Chernarus the virus spread at a impossible rate quickly bringing down all order and he was left with no option other than to Survive, he has robbed and even killed innocent people to feed himself but has saved strangers from savages and the undead as he has come across them. He will do what he has to do for his own survival by any means necessary.
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