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  1. Ryan Dudley is a 39 years old. Ryan was born in a Navel Medical Center in the heart of sunny San Diego in 1981. Ryan grew up in a small house hold with his two brothers and his two sisters he was the middle child, they lived on a farm meaning he grew up hunting, and camping lending him great survival skills Ryan was a A+ student he aced all his quizzes and did exceptionally well in science class in high school Ryan got scholarships to many high class colleges due to his high school football years and also his good grades. When Ryan Graduated high school he turned down the colleges and joined the United States Air Force Special Forces and became a PJ AKA Pararescue he served for over 8 years with many combat missions more missions then most people served Ryan spent most of his time in country fighting the top secret wars the kind you can't talk about, Ryan Served in Afghanistan, Iraq, South Korea, as well as Russia. During Ryans enlistment Ryan met his high school sweetheart Jenna Gladstone, they had dated in high school but had broken up over stupid reasons only to later learn they still had loved one another. A few years had past and Ryan was 22 and Jenna was only 18 they had gotten married and had a baby girl named Ophelia a few years later, Ryan's enlistment was coming to a end and he either had the choice to reenlist or to get a normal job Jenna had known Ryan couldn't live in the normal world due to his extensive past of combat so together they formed Wendigo Contracting Corp. Ryan was now 26 Jenna was now 22 and they had been running the small PMC/ Military contracting company running small government contracts of 100,000 dollars or so since Ryan was new a few years past and Ryan recruited a few old military buddy's they were hired for a 10.5 million dollar Government contract by one of Ryan's friends in the the white house, the job they were hired to do was protect a CDC outpost deep inside Russia the state of russia was Chernarus a small country that had been hit with a civil war a few years prior, Wendigos job was to protect the CDC members from any russian threat as well as make sure none of the important information was leaked since the US was investigating a mysterious virus Ryan had learned that the virus was called (VX-DRDT2) the medical meaning (VX stands (V)irus (X)ero, meaning it had never been seen in nature before discovery) and the (DRDT2 stood for (DR) (D)rug (R)esistant meaning there was no known cure or vaccine, (D)isease meaning it wasn't a simple cold that would go away once infected without a cure or vaccine, (T)oxticity (2) meaning their was two known ways of transferring the virus either through bodily fluid (AKA Biting, blood, saliva, sweat, and feces.) transfer, or Airborne pathogens which is how the healthy was getting sick at first with (VX-DRDT2) but with the studys it showed most people were immune to the Airborne Pathogens of the virus. With how fast this virus was spreading this had lead Ryan to end up getting stuck in the heartland of Chernarus due to the Air Field being shut down by military personal.
  2. 3.2 Your character must behave realistically and appropriately to the different situations you participate in, keeping the current world situation and context of post-apocalyptic world in mind. Do not act in a way that indicates no value for your characters life and survival. For example, attempting to kill people when heavily outnumbered, excessively talking back or insulting someone when taken hostage, or knowingly running into an area of active hostile engagement when not involved in the fight. Characters found guilty of breaking this rule will be permanently marked as dead.see if you check the logs In the rules it says behave realistically "Do not act in a way that indicates no value for your characters life and survival" by trying to run 3.8 meters away like said in the logs even though in game i was holding a gun to your head you still tried to run away and and pull your weapon to take on two people i see this as the rule break of 3.2 like quoted above showing he had no value for his life.
  3. dude even if it was a 1v1 i still had my gun drawn on you which is still no value for life you still try to run even though you had a gun on your face i gave you easily 50 plus seconds to put up your hands before i even started counting from 10 down. way more then enough time to surrender or even OOC say you forgot how to put up your hands.
  4. Server and location: Server 2 Livonia, At the prison Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2:20pm West coast time Your in game name: Ryan Dudley Names of allies involved: @IvarTheNarrator Name of suspect/s: 1 suspect name i don't know. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): i have no videos but if you pull the logs you will see he had no gun out and you will see he trying to run abour 10 or so meters then pull his gun even though i already had mine unholstered. Detailed description of the events: me and my friends were in the prison where a man woke up questioning what we were doing and why we were there and who we are so i got sceptical knowing it was the old 503 base who we are enemies, because of that i decided i was going to hold the man at gunpoint and question him he was full gears and dressed like most 503 members in all black with converse and plate carrier i walked up and instantly began to give him verbal commands to put up his hands and not to move in which he said nothing i began counting when i was counting he began to run away and pull out his gun in which we both began shooting and killed one another my friend ivar was behind me and also threw some shots off back at the mystery man insuring he was dead. i feel like it was no value for life due to the fact he was held at gunpoint to his face and though he could survive a 2v1 when we already had our guns out and trained on him yet he still tried to pull his gun and kill two armed hostiles in a open courtyard with no cover near by.
  5. hey i need someone's help with reconnecting my discord to the dayzrp discord need admin or mod
  6. It's all good I was fed misinformation and it was late at night I'll take whatever punishment given to me for the bad rp @Rover
  7. I don't have any video my pc isnt good enough to record and play sadly. And why do the other people keep saying random names like dan and cody? I told him to contact neo not dan or cody?
  8. If i was miss informed on a rule and broke it i will willingly accept and take the blame just over the radio i was told that you are aloud to block doors in order to act as if we blocked /locked the door and left them tied up we had a similar situation where the 503 took hector and neo our group members and locked /blocked them in the prison so i assumed we were aloud to do so so they wouldn't break roleplay to escape. I am sorry about blocking the door and if i need to i am still in the area and will remove the hesco kit myself, and id like if you took down the report due to the fact i was nice enough to leave you all your gear and not just execute you i have you decent chances so maybe you can return the favor thank you-Ryan
  9. what happened was that we held them up and we knew they wanted to go to bed so we agreed to a hostage situation if you pull logs you will see they agreed to staying in order for our other member to come and take him but we were trying to be nice and allow them to log off and go to bed like they requested in VOIP. we stayed hidden near the cabin and heard them talking about waiting for restart and leaving once they were untied which would be rule breaking using the restart to leave, we also have proof that they were talking IC in Discord although we had taken their radios.
  10. January 21st, 2020. I had to i just had to get out of Cherno the snow had killed to many people and i felt like if i stayed any longer id freeze to death. In order to leave i fixed up a small boat taking it down the coast of South Zagornia taking a large river up into poland it was a long and cold journey in such a small boat i had to hide my gear in hidden location back in Cherno because i was afraid if i brought to much but the cloths on my back the boat would sink. I made it up into a land called Livonia a small polish land i head heard of it was always warm there besides for the crazy rain storms i have been getting stuck in but for the most part very habitable the land is beautiful very lush and over grown but the air is so fresh the land it quite filled with the sound of wildlife. I have only run into a few people maybe like 3 at the most still am looking for a propper civilization to maybe settle down in the weapons are scares and so is the gear but i am making a new living for my self quite well. I have enough gear to stay on the road and not be stuck in any such town for too long i just hope soon i can find a nice group who will be willing to take me in. -sign Ryan Dudley
  11. January 14th, 2020. Its early morning, the warm sun feels good on my face as i sit here writing this i am looking over a beautiful sun rise. The snow you can hear it melting the crackles and pops it makes as the sun thaws the ice from the Chernarus land scape. It has been a few months since i have heard or seen anyone the land seems desolate and dead, no walkers, no gun shots just the piece and quite of the early morning bird chirping, elks with their mating calls and all around peacefulness. The last time i was seen by someone i had gotten shot in my side point blank by a 308. From a evil terrorist group who hated the cartel due to a traitor named benji who betrayed the cartel, I honestly have no idea if anyone is still alive from the cartel i had gone into isolation because we were getting picked off like bugs. Hopefully my friend and bother Hector DelTor is ok. I went into isolation because of my wounds i wasn't fit for battle nor did i feel like killing anymore people, now that the gun shot had healed up and the snow is melting i think i will come out of hiding now. -Signed Ryan Dudley
  12. *Ryan pulls off his thick winter leather gloves and cups is hands to his face blowing warm air into his hands before rubbing them together to get them warm to write* December 5th, 2019 Ahhh this winter is freezing at night over -25°C which if i do my math right id -13°degree Fahrenheit, God for bid you don't find shelter or make a fire other wise you'll freeze to death in minutes at night and the damn zombies seem to be so frozen that they are harder to kill. *Ryan takes a fresh apple out of his bag and rubs it on his shemog to shine/clean it and takes a large bite from the side* the past couple days have been hectic for the cartel as well we have been getting raided found a traitor/spy and as well Hector and benji were both shot non fatally but none the less we have some cleaning up to do and some revenge to take care of, we plan on leaving Cherno and moving inland a little which will be nice its always nice to get a change of scenery. Recently i have been hearing of a new land called Linovia i heard it is a lush beautiful land i have been thinking of fixing a boat and maybe leaving the cold Cherno winter in order to survive the winter in a warmer environment. -Signed Ryan M. Dudley
  13. Its December 2, 2019 The air is beyond freezing, luckily my family in the cartel have given me shelter and a warm bed at night i officially joined the cartel yesterday i have always considered Hector a strong alie but more recently he has been more like family to me he has always been so accepting. This has been one of the worst winters yet i have already had to amputate four peoples toes and some fingers due to the extreme hypothermia from the beyond cold weather even in full winter gear i still feel the sheer cold air every time i have to breath, the wind along the coast still rips through my wind breaker as if i wasn't even wearing one but i also kind enjoy it the land is quite, there as no bugs in the air, no loud leave or dirt just the gentle sound of the snow crunching under my boots it is peaceful besides the frozen zombies due to it being so cold they are much tougher now almost as if the ice is holding them together. Well i got to get back to cooking stew for the family now. -Signed Ryan M. Dudley
  14. November 14th, 2019 The air is colder at the cost i left my small cabin up north in order to help out a old friend named Hector we built a new base last night, very late into the night to make sure it was fortified. I have been adopted into the Del Toro family as i have always been an old friend i now am running with their crew i plan on being a guard and a medic for them as i pride myself on always protecting my family Joey Hector's son has seemed to take a liking of me being around he's younger only 19 i have been trying to teach him small tricks to help him survive if he ever faces being alone in this god forsaken world but i enjoy it having someone look up to you as a role model feels good i feel like i can teach that boy a lot about the world and make sure he grows up to be strong and independent. Maybe in the near future i will start to teach the boy medicine but i first he wanted to learn how to make stew and other things to cook which ill show him in order to improve his skills. -Signed Ryan Dudley
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