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  1. Appreciate the fast response and help offered, will keep in mind. Thanks!
  2. Name: Francesco Barone Age: 26 Height: 1.83 m Weight: 75 kg Hair: Black Eyes: Dark Nationality: Italian Pre-Outbreak profession: Sicilian Mobster Born in Sicily, son of a Don, inducted into the family at 15, working for his father since, natural with a gun, not really an evil person, but capable of cruelty when it serves my purpose, calm, collected, a true professional after so many years of experience and being with people that have been around in the business for years, life father said though, in this world, trust no one.
  3. Hey guys, My usual IGN is Tensai, I just applied, hoping to get whitelisted and join you guys in game. Im chilean, Im 26, and I've been a gamer since forever, I've only had dayz mod for like 3 weeks, and dayz SA for 2 days, but I do own both, so hope to play with you guys at some point. Hope to see you in game or around the forums from now on!