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  1. My name is Troy Adkins, I was born February, 22,1981 in a small town in the state of Mississippi. At the age of 12 my parents ended up separating and it really missed me up as a child. After the divorce me and my mother moved to Seattle Washington. School was pretty basic. I made good grades, quite, didn’t socialize much with anyone else. I had two friends but it was nothing too special. We would just eat lunch together and play video games after school. During high school I landed a job working at some crappy furniture factory making 9 dollars an hour. It was hell, 80 degrees all summer long. Six years later I quit that job and started working in the police force. After many promotions I made it to police sergeant and started training cadets. Nothing too crazy happened. Eventually I made it to lieutenant and I was sent to Chernarus to train some officers. During a training session I heard moaning from the police department bathroom. I walked in and ran into a man puking on the floor. He turned around and looked at me very oddly. I yelled at him, “ What the hell are you doing!” He ended up rushing at me and I had to struggle to get the weird bastard off of me. I ended up just locking him in the bathroom. Trying to find out what to do with him we heard screaming over the radio and gunshots. We were also getting multiple 911 calls about people acting aggressive and trying to bite people. I grabbed my gear and hopped in my patrol car and raced off. I managed to get myself into a car addicted and went unconscious. And here I am now in my car flipped upside down.
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