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  1. Black Phoenix


    Hello darkness, my old friend, I've come to talk with you again.
  2. Black Phoenix

    Interview with a Community Member - Pado

    Pado is just a sentry turret.
  3. Black Phoenix

    What is positive contribution?

    To be honest, I don't know anymore. Other than simply saying "You have been doing a great job so far!" the lines of what seems to be legit criticism and "not contributing" have been growing closer and closer in my eyes.
  4. Black Phoenix

    Rule 15 - Permanent Death Discussion

    Personally, I have always been an advocate for the concept of freedom of choice and the player choosing whether or not to perma-death. However, I am not exactly against the idea the rule is bringing into discussion. Value of life has diminished on RP and we have lost the fear of the consequences of our actions on this server, the idea would spark consequences and fear for life again. It's not perfect as stated previously but no rules here are perfect either, so trying to adjust to it doesn't seem that bad. From the irrelevant opinion of yours truly, Hood
  5. Black Phoenix

    Victor Cruz Appreciation Thread

    Never forget when Vic captured a couple of my boys and telling him it was okay to beat the living shit out of them. Good times and banter.
  6. It works on a "case by case" basis which ultimately leads the verdicts to be decided by how the team handling the report interprets rules. Edit: But as far as I know when it comes to reports it's still the same process as it has been for awhile (I.E mods and others give opinion, etc)
  7. In my irrelevant opinion ol' Nihoolious shouldn't have been banned, hostile actions were made like Rampage said. OP threatens Nihoolious, gets ruthed and then Nihoolious gets gassed quicker than a exterminator killing cockroaches. I don't feel like a ban should have been warranted.
  8. Black Phoenix

    Amigos! [Private Frequency]

    *Hood picks the radio up and turns on the transmission button* Gratz Cruz, ya got yaself a mini Cruz now. I'll be sure to send ya a present for da little one. Maybe somethin like a lead pipe to play around with or fuckin flowers. It'll be somethin good. *Hood places down the radio without turning it off and grabs his lead pipe* Where was I again, oh yeh turnin ya into a cripple. *You can hear the sounds of someone screaming while being beaten down by a lead pipe until it silently fades away*
  9. *Kean hears the transmission from his good friend Bobby Shannon* Jesus Christ, Bobby I thought I'd never find yeh. Well for the time bein, gimmie a few days and I'll be at the rendezvous point* *Kean releases the transmission button and hurries off to take care of personal business so that he can reunite with his old friend.*
  10. Black Phoenix

    Gangs of Chernogorsk

    You should add the AK-74 as an option tbh, just can't have any attachments on it. Cause that's some real gang like shit there.
  11. Black Phoenix

    Bringing a knife to a gun fight

    Definitely shouldn't have been an aggravated punishment, I could see rule-play over role-play but that's about it. It was technical non-compliance but the hostage really wasn't a threat as he was being watched by several armed men and even restrained at one point. I feel that the report could have been handled significantly better by the staff who contributed to the final verdict.
  12. Black Phoenix

    MyBB Memorial Thread

    I hope myBB is in a better place F
  13. Black Phoenix

    Website Migration

    The end is nigh
  14. When me and Sparky were driving away from Pobeda Dam and got initiated on by the Watchers. Told them *Rolls down window* "Go fuck yourself!" And then Pat comes out of no where and lights me and Sparky up. I was so surprised that it was terrifying... To this day I still haven't forgiven Pat for his sins.