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  1. +1 want it back inb4 this gets closed =/
  2. Was misidentification on my part, I am sorry for this, should have talked to you beforehand. My POV: We had initiated on a group, got in a short firefight then silence. Awhile later after we are talking to some hostages we took and we get initiated on by blackwood, a short fight insues with us taking cover in the prison/tech (whatever its called) building as most of us were already in there with the hostages. After a few minutes we start taking shots from the hill into the windows of the second floor as well as having people posted nearby shooting at our attackers. At this point I am watching the door, OP walks in and i shoot him immediately. shortly after this one of us is shot near the door and another is killed at your body. once again this was entirely my fault, it was a hectic situation and i acted too rashly, cant do anything other than apologise again and say that I will take my punishment for this. again, im sorry this happened to you.
  3. our rp is that we use whatever we can as a means to survive, if we find these kinds of weapons we use them. in my mind this makes more sense than limiting ourselves to specific items and limiting our ability to respond to threats.
  4. If I'm correct, I believe materiel wants the group to almost be the scum of society, like gopniks yes. People who were failed by their families and the government who were forced to live a life of hardship and their behaviour will reflect that. This
  5. not exactly but similar, some members might be. think of it as the poor and downtrodden members of society grouping together to look after their own. Some will be petty criminals, some will just have had to live in bad circumstances. will all be explained better when me and the other members flesh the lore out.
  6. You wont remember us, we were the ones left to fend for ourselves as you lived your ordinary lives. you walked past as we were starving on the street asking for help. And you will be horrified as we make you pay for your arrogance. Vybor Street Rats Media Thread Who We Are: We are the people who society forgot. We are the people who have had to fight to survive for our whole lives and we look after our own. A street rat was once used to describe people considered scum by outsider, those who had to use the streets as a means to survive whether it be the homeless man begging on the streets or the petty criminal stealing from passers by to put food in his mouth. Accepting this term we use this as a badge to show people who we are, while people may struggle to survive now, we have endured this our whole lives, we know how this lifestyle works. Our Lore: Geiza Vanyan Danny Adams Robert Ledger Aleksandr Pavl Our People: All men are born equal and we intend to keep it this way, all of us have equal rights and the only power you have over another man is the respect you gain from him. Danny Adams Dima Volkov Robert Ledger Geiza Vaynan Bruce Holmes Joseph Kreznov Robert Krast Aleksandr Pavl Devin Bauman Alignment: We are best described as Chaotic Neutral, while we do not rob people for the sake of it, we will take what we need and we will punish those who look down on us. Be friendly to us and you will be met with smiles, be violent or rude to us and you will be met with the same tenfold. Our Recruitment status: Recruitment is closed until group is properly organised Things to be done: Update the roster write out recruitment process and status Flesh out and write up lore get artwork done Disclaimer: this is a very early WIP
  7. trucks are great if you want to explore whats under the map. also not sure if patch fixed it but apparently v3s = submarine 10/10 would drive again.
  8. *turns radio on and listens* *scratches head before replying* "Im sorry buddy, your going to have to be a little more specific on who your friend was. But don't be alarmed friend! a free BM tattoo awaits you too if we ever meet you!" *radio goes silent*
  9. materiel

    Blackwood Milita 89.5

    *listens intently to radio transmission while trying to not laugh, then decides to respond* 'Ha ha ha ha ha thank you for that, I needed a good laugh. Don't worry, your message has been received I will make sure yuri receives the commendation he requires. Oh, and your more than welcome to come look for us but don't expect a happy ending" *jack drops the radio before fiddling through his pockets, as he pulls up to yuri he takes out a sheet of stickers and sticks a big yellow star sticker on his chest rig and tells him "well done" before going about his business*
  10. my clanmate thought it would be a great idea to try knock me out with a baseball bat to the head. rip my 2 month old character.
  11. name: jack Knapier jack knapier all in the movement.