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  1. Can people still build bases now with this change?
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): None Why the verdict is not fair: Not even sure why I got banned in the first place. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Might be something I said on discord, might be a meme I posted. Not sure. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To get a unban. What could you have done better?: Not sure don't know what I did, maybe watch out with memes make sure they are not offensive
  3. Playing anomaly now.. Fucking amazing Six days into the zone, got quite some gear.
  5. Finding a car, Finding barrels stacking them ontop of each other. Hesco barriers? Many easy raids..
  6. Current setup. Specs: CPU: I-7 8750h | 6 cores 12 threads | 2,3 Ghz 4,2 Ghz GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 4Gb VRAM RAM: 8Gb dual channel + 16 Gb pagefile Mouse: Logitech G602 Keyboard: Dell KB212-B (Best cheap ass keyboard with good keys.) Headset: Steel Series Arctis 3 Mic: Blue snowball. Side: Console: Xbox one S 1tb Main phone: PocoPhoneF1 Workphone: Oneplus 3T Desk: Fredde Ikea Desk.
  7. DISCLAIMER: Look, I'm giving my opinion on the situation as I heard a lot of things and noticed a lot of things. I'm not trying to fuck you guys over although I do think there has been a rule break. Next to that I do say that I'm not the only one that heard about the lack/low quality RP that occurs in Stary. The current order of events and the OOC/IC causes don't make any sense and this is also the reason why I'm suspecting meta game with the information I pieced together. Once again I've got nothing against you guys, every server needs it's antagonist although I do believe that the antagonist should play by the rules and common sense. I assumed that there was case of meta gaming and placed my opinion. That's why I also asked how you guys knew it ICly. Also the problem is that there is a different story from every person I speak to. Of course perspectives also have influence in this case although I do think there is confusion about which raid is which raid. Therefore I took it upon myself to find out what really happened and I'm asking all the sides I can. But unfortunately It gets taken as a threat and turns a friendly conversation into a unfriendly one, despite the attempts on informing @NorwayRP that I have no ill intentions and that I just want to find out what really happened, which is unfortunate. What I also hear from Time is that they did not initiate on Mafia in the second attack but Mafia initiated on them which I find strange. I spoke to several members of the Mafia and my own people and hear something different. Of course this doesn't mean much because it's all about perspective on the current matter. I do think that Time is a nice idea for a antagonist group although I do think the members of time aren't completely informed about the way the faction operate and what kind of RP it does. What strikes me from all the feedback that got posted in the last 1/2 hours I see that most feedback is positive and from what i been told is that you guys don't hold people up unless they are unfriendly towards time. However what I do read is that people are being hold up just out of no where even without saying something disrespectful which seems crooked with the information I received from higher ranked Time members. This makes me wonder, is this group having a identity problem? Are they holding up be bandits towards anyone, are they slave traders and if you treat them respect you get it back? Or is it just a whole big meme in the end? I think these reports where you guys are in involved shouldn't be taken lightly and should be a signal for the higher ups of time to sit down with your boys and talk about the current situation. Because currently, you can all say that you guys have improved but what I'm also reading is that you are holding up people. In the end it's of course RP which needs to be respected although I do think all of us want to RP in a fair environment where all groups that are interacted with are enjoying themselves and follows the community rules (located Here) - Cheers!
  8. How did you guys icly know people have raided the corporation. I'm quiet sure that has been meta'd
  9. You haven't been attacked once but you still attacked the mafia two days in a row. This basically lead the group to hate the time. Please don't play the victim card buddy..
  10. I had a fuck ton of fun yesterday with @DeagleERP good rp enjoyed it. Was cool walking around the place trying to find you some doc to check you out.
  11. Agree with @Thrynn the rules just contain so much gray area's which give the advantage to the one that steals. It should be more balanced because right now it's just unfair as basically all the approved groups just let one guy run up and initiate while all the others get instant kill rights. This shit is unbalanced and unfair and basically supports bandit rp over hero RP.
  12. *Listens in into the the message he swiftly grasps his note book and starts to write it down before standing up and running out of his tent After a couple of minutes he returns and speaks into the radio.* "You know this is on the public frequency right?"
  13. "Offering security services for this wedding, hit me up if you need any guards to prevent any infected or bandits."
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