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  1. I wonder how long i will miss howdy partner for good story tho john
  2. Welcome to the great community that is dayz RP hope you like it here and stay for the long run hope to see you in game once you get white listed.
  3. Yeah did you like the bus that you "Borrowed" from BoS? Got to say though SDS's RP was really good and i must give them credit.
  4. Yeah most people i have encountered their RP has been really good and they never broke character once so my experience has been really good so far and everyone has been really nice and friendly.
  5. Hi guys i haven't posted in a while on the forums so i thought i would i wanted to know what you guys think is the best thing about dayz RP. For me its how friendly and active the community is and the fact that everyone takes RP seriously i don't think i will be leaving this great community anytime soon hopefully.
  6. Hero 227


    Thanks you guys really helpful
  7. Hero 227


    Thanks for the feedback really helped me
  8. Hero 227


    Hi everyone im new to dayz RP and i was wondering how skins work in the mod do they work like you pick one in the lobby and then you stay with that skin forever or is it you find it as a item. Also i would like to know how donor skins work thanks!
  9. Thanks to everyone who gave feedback i really appreciate it hope to see you all soon if i get accepted !
  10. Yes i have submitted a application cant wait to play thanks again for feedback
  11. Hello all i hope to play with all you people soon i was wondering is their any tips for a newbie like myself and anything more i should need to know thanks! ps is their anything i should need to know about server bugs or what not thanks again!