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  1. My character is 20 years old, was born and raised in a small town in Loptino, Chernarus. Working on a farm and hunting for animals to sell their pelts and meat, James farmed potatoes for his uncle to provide for his family. Recently his mother and father got sick with a very bad disease and passed away so that left James to take care of his younger brother and two sisters. Then he decided he had to move out of the town with his friends to provide more for his family because farming and hunting wasn't making him enough money.... He sent his younger siblings to live with his uncle helping him out around the potato farm so James, and his 4 friends can start to travel around the county doing whatever they need to do to whether that's working, doing some illegal activities or even hunting so he can make more money so he can bring it back to his family along the way they met lots of new survivors and continued fighting for there life and family back up north to live and hopefully make it out alive!
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