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  1. Proof I didn't lie, you can still shoot with the menu bug @Xehara @Onyx @Mademoiselle
  2. Link to original post: Why the verdict is unfair: Firstly we resolved the issue of in base initiation with @JimRP and @Saunders yesterday, Where you only have defenders rights if they assailants have stolen something, JimRP directly said you can shoot them on sight but if they haven't stole anything it would be considered RDM or ARDM. In this case they had stole items in our base so I have defenders rights in that situation so I take the risk by shooting first while bad RP I want left with much of an option. Then the idea that I'm "ruleplaying" everyone in the server is playing by or attempting to play by the rules in the server, that's why the rules are there to prevent me just being a bandit and killing everyone on sight(because its obviously against the rules) but they're also there to protect you in situations like this, my goal is not to KOS hell I have only killed 2 people in my time playing, but it is in line with my old world ex marine pastor to stand your ground and blow away anyone in your home. It wouldn't make for good RP for me to try and hold 3-6 guys up in my base if I have to sit and type all my commands to them (even though It was my understanding that you were unable to type with the menu bug) where I'm at a clear disadvantage and my character wouldn't run from that situation. Lastly I didn't lie about having the menu bug, If I could recreate it for you in game I would, you're welcome to ask others if they have the ability to shoot. Additional Statements: From my point of view it just feels like a non issue, I'm the only one who got hurt in character, they shot the crazy guy defending his home from an RP perspective. I'm also new to the server obviously but the rules have a ton of grey area around base defense. Where @Roland stated that if someone's stealing from you that counts as a hostile action against you but I'm now being told you have to initiate on someone that's already inside my home seems a bit backwards. I know now after talking to @JimRP that the rules are taken on a case by case basis but this just feels unfair in my favor. What Id like to achieve with this appeal: A new assessment of "kill right" and how they affect clear established bases. I'd also like to see me re-whitelisted and the ban removed or a lighter sentence, while I don't agree with the ruleplay verdict if you think that's out of character for me I can't control that. What I could have done better: I could have tried to relog to attempt to fix the menu bug or talked out of character that I couldn't respond and that if they could wait for me to relog. Or attempted to role play the situation in my current state and just accepted the fact of the unfortunate situation I was in.
  3. I was unable to communicate by any means. Either through voip or text because of a bug in game. Regardless do I need to initiate on them if they're that deep in our base?
  4. My account of the situation was shorty after the server crashed me and my "blue" were plagued with the broken arms bug which prevents any world interaction outside of voip, so unable to close the gate "blue" kept RP'ing while I re-logged so that we can gain control of the situation. perwhich the name assailent stole not 1 but 2 cars in a situation that they knew OOC that we could not interact and taunting as he did it. As he stole the second car spicy now able to interact with the world shot and killed him prevent another stolen vehicle. I Witnessed this first hand in game and over discord. @ me if any other statement is needed.
  5. I simply logged onto server 1, where I had placed my car tent the night before. Noticed my tent already missing and car moved. I then saw the ladder leading into our base and gate open. now knowing we were being raided I couldn't re log to fix my menu preventing me from communicating, this would also be logging out of an rp situation. i peeked inside our barn and noticed a lack of red arm band which my group sports and proceeded to fire on the intruders until my death.
  6. Do you have the vod of you opening the gate? If you do ill drop the report. We logged off that night with the barn sealed and the only way to enter would have been through use of the ladder or ghosting in using server 2. Also You admitted to abusing current base mechanics to break down a wall from the back side to gain access to a tent you otherwise would not have been able to via logically in an RP setting. Considering there was 0 rp involved in the raid this seems like a gross overstep on the point of the server.
  7. My VODs corrupted thanks to the menu bug, which prevents any kind of communication. I'm still yet to see a rule I'm breaking.
  8. Server 1 Gorka farm 9:00 pm Server time Roland Watson No allies involved Jacon Belfort and allies Gunter 2 "stolen" https://youtu.be/VGCX0eb2NC0 Logging into the server I immediately notice that my car tent with a fence in front of it (so you could not get inside of it) had been packed up and my fence destroyed meaning they either ghosted into my tent from server 2 or forced closed the tent from the outside exploiting game mechanics. They then proceed to abuse ladder mechanics to crawl through a hole in our sealed barn base and proceed to raid us without any RP involved escaping by turning one of our fences into a gate. I then in attempt to hold off the raiders opened fire at them until my death. Returning to the base after the raid concluded more violations by leaving weapons and other items out to despawn. Personal comments: this isn't vanilla dayz. There should be a purpose to raiding, A dialog should occur during or before the raid for valid RP reasons. esspecially in a manor that abuses ladder and other game mechanics that are clearly against role play rules established.
  9. :False report: you were in my base with guns out homie
  10. RolandTheAccuser

    The Time.

    Yo these homies are actually decent people, Norways' a fellow marine and a kick-ass dude and helped me get into my current group and feel out the whole role-play environment. His group has done nothing but trade and treat me with respect because i gave them respect. they have really engaging role play and the servers only going to suffer with them gone.
  11. Yeah its all in good faith, some groups take it too seriously and kill the fun of it
  12. Absurdly evangelical A true man of god, he's slowly being eroded away by the hell that is Charanarus
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