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  1. Gabriel has lived in Chernarus most of his life, as he was born in Chernogorsk. He's a known drinker, and bullshitter having lived in 5 large cities in the province. He has also held many jobs, his latest being construction. At the ripe age of 17 he was drafted into the work force during the Chernarus civil war. His job was mainly constructing munitions/parts kits for rifles, and sometimes testing the stock. His father, and brother both served in the war as infantry, and they both were killed tragically. Ever since the funeral Gabe began to drink, heavily. When he wasn't working, he was pickling his liver. The situation only worsened when his mother passed due to heart failure a year prior to the infection. Even into the infection Gabe continued his stupor, not letting the past, or present effect his mood, or buzz. His family having served, and having been apart of the effort himself in the civilian sector he holds much pride for his country, as an immense nationalist. Prideful of even his countries smallest accomplishments.