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  1. Varin POV: After Picking up @TheFlare1 in Radacz we were going to head back down to collect some better equipment for @TheFlare1 Character Aira. A little ways after picking Aira up we saw a group of three people walking down the right side of the road. I immediately started to yell which was followed by the OP yelling and @TheFlare1 yelling also for them to move out of the way. Seeing as they were on the right/middle of the road I was going to move to the left as far as I could without going offroad. One person sadly did not move to the right and got ran over accidently. promptly we stopped the car freaked out not expecting this to happen. Asking if we should get out not sure of whats going on, @TheFlare1 making the executive decision to get out and to try and make mends in hopefully anyway we could is what I thought. Talks quickly went south and after heated discussion we were told to put our hands up. I who had my M4a1 already out as of getting out of the car decided to not oblige and try to defend myself and my friends, ultimately resulting in a very short fire fight and my death.
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