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  1. nah, i wont make more of this, this is just like small-note type diary
  2. 03.00 AM- Nice, so here I am sitting beside my dead-best-friend. Zeds, Zeds, and Bandits.. I don't know anymore about it, or life. Knowing the fact that there's a poor dead bandit, and my best-friend has a Hatchet on his head are just nice. World is cruel now. No more passion we can give, no more feelings, because everything we had will end in death. Death, death, death. So what? ..... 03.10 AM- Woah, I just found a rope behind a crate, and a tall tree! Well.. Now I know what to do though.
  3. Great! thanks for all the helps guys!
  4. Hey, i know that blood bag is hard to find in dayzrp. how to regen my blood without blood bag? i've already used food and there's ^ sign beside the blood symbol, but its not regenerating. and if the server restart, my blood will replenish or not?
  5. nice one._. okay thanks guys for the help, really help me!
  6. Hey, I wanna ask, what if: we play, and then meet someone, and we are in the middle of a chat and stuff, and then we must logout the game ASAP, like maybe our house is on fire, how to tell him/her that we must logout without ruining the roleplay rules?
  7. yes you're right, maybe if we stay together..everything will be better
  8. well..cops found the body with same killing spot, type, and marks
  9. what i know is, he killed many people before the apocalypse..the document about him (or her maybe, no one know because he/she kill whoever sees him/her) is lost
  10. black eye is the famous chernarussian serial killer
  11. Journal 13, Day 63. My journey began with my kidnapped bestfriend, here's my last note to whoever found my journal. Here I'm i found my friend hanged in a tree, at the well-known Psycpath's Lair.. I can here him coming for me! I cannot believe that famous "Black Eye" still exist, I've heared rumors about this goddamn serial killer, i've heard he killed more than 17 tennager...but WHY!? WHY he would STILL DO THIS! with the Zeds running around..why wouldn't he satisfied for killing people! If you EVER found me, take ALL of my journal..run..always run. Here's my beloved friend's face (middle). HE IS BEHIND THE TREE, HE SEE ME..ALWAYS RU ____ __ .
  12. YEA! i ALWAYS get kicked....damn, thanks for that information thanks for the helps guys!
  13. so, i use this dayzrp launcher...when i start the launcher it will say, dayz_code.pbo and dayz_communityassets.pbo is invalid...and it download the .pbo automatically...and when i start it the second time it DOWNLOAD the same .pbo again! and then i must wait the download to complete in order to play the game..afteer that i run it the third time and the launcher download the same .pbo again...can anyone fix this? i'm tired of waiting the download to complete.
  14. iqbalkalevi

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    i need PID reset, in the donation exchange page, my PID is 16778478, thats the reason i keep getting kicked, my actual PID: 167785478, the 5 is missing from the PID at the donation exchange. so, can you reset my PID? here's the proof: //Toorrik: PID reset. Please go into your donation exchange and type it in manually.